Three Reasons Why Trailer Brake Controls Are an Improvement on an RV

Electronic trailer sway control

More families today own RVs than ever before. It has been estimated that 30 million individuals enjoy driving and using RVs, including those who rent them. RVs fit into two different models, with one being fully motorized homes that can be lived in and have modern travel luxuries, such as water and heat. The other category is made up of towable RVs, which fit behind a van or truck. Since the RVs that are driven are easy to break (a drivable RV is treated the same as a truck or van), it stands to reason that special consideration needs to be given to RVs that are pulled behind. Individuals might be concerned with how to break them when going downhill, or how to ensure they are being properly maintained. Read on to discover the importance of having electric trailer brakes.

RV Trailer Brake Controllers Can Prevent Sway and Allow Drivers Control and Safety

When driving cross-country or going long distances, drivers may be concerned about the safety of their trailer. Using RV trailer brake controllers gives drivers a sense of security, and can also prevent accidents from happening. One such example would be sway control. There are two different ways to control the amount of sway in an RV being towed. These can either stop and prevent sway all at once, or simply prevent the sway from being too much, while still allowing some give. This is helpful when drivers are going across the country and might be in places that are very hilly than they are used to, thus making them lack confidence in their driving skills. Gaining control over sway is also important in preventing accidents. It has been proven that people drive more recklessly during summer, a time when RV enthusiasts may take their vacations. By having control over their RV, they can slow down and relax when they are sharing the road with other individuals who are not as considerate.

RV Controllers Allow for Different Levels of Braking Power

There are various types of controllers out there that can be used, depending on the needs of the driver. One example is a time delayed brake controller, which gives the vehicle an already set amount of power when braking. It is crucial to note that there is a delay between applying the brake and how long it will take to stop. Thankfully, drivers can adjust this as needed. Some RV trailer brake controllers have digital monitors, so drivers know exactly how fast they are going, and how much they have to slow down so the trailer can adjust properly. An electronic brake controller can give peace of mind, as well as improve confidence levels in drivers since they know what to look for and how much to increase or decrease their speed.

Trailer Brake Controls Are Simple Enough to Install

Drivers can take heart knowing that when it comes to installing a RV trailer brake controllers, it is not as difficult as it may sound. When it comes to putting in brake controller wiring, it can be put in under a dashboard, where it is clearly visible to the driver. Most systems operate with a standard four-wire set up, however those who are not sure of installation can always leave it to a professional. This can make the driver feel comfortable, since they know everything will be put in properly, leaving their focus on driving to their next vacation destination.

When it comes to adding an RV trailer brake controller, drivers can rest assured that there are many different options depending on how often they use their RV, and their own level of comfort when it comes to driving and pulling a trailer attachment. These can also help with the amount of sway a trailer may experience, as provide various ways of controlling it to make the swaying as manageable as possible. Installation of brake controls is fairly simple, although drivers can opt to have them professionally put in. Having control of their trailer allows drivers to focus on all the cross-country trips they plan on taking, freeing up their time for fun and enjoyment.

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