Three Things Every Biker Needs to Know If They Plan on Riding This Winter

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It’s not advisable, but motorcycle dealers know that many of their customers are going to ride their Victory bikes during winter. These Triumph Victory motorcycle dealers have learned that if they can’t get their enthusiasts to stop riding when it’s a bit dangerous out, they can at least get them to ride their Victory bikes more safely.

Here are a few of their best pieces of advice for winter riding.

Increase Following Distance.

One of the most important things motorcycle dealers say you can do when riding during the winter is to increase your following distance. The more time between you and the motorist in front of you, the more time you’ll have to react to a sudden incident. Keeping a few more seconds worth of space between you could be just enough time to take evasive action, and save your life. The roads at this time are totally unpredictable, motorcycle dealers remind, which is precisely why bikers need to give their fellow motorists more space.

Slow Down.

At the same time, bikers also need to slow down for the same exact reason. Motorcycle dealers explain that slowing down, ensuring you’re not speeding, and riding at the speed limit, will provide you with even more reaction time, while also reducing the potential danger of a situation. For example, things are going to be much, much worse if you hit black ice going 60 miles per hour as opposed to only 45 miles per hour.

Avoid Night Riding.

Last but far from least, motorcycle dealers also warn that night riding is incredibly dangerous, because of all of the black ice that’s out there. Black ice is, well, black, and can’t usually be seen on the road. In the day time, it’s usually a bit easier to see it, since the sun reflects off of it, but at night time, it’s nigh impossible to see black ice before it’s too late. For this reason, motorcycle dealers advise that bikers simply stay off the roads during a winter night.

If you’re going to ride during the winter, you may as well do it safely. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Read this website for more information.

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