Tips for Grille Bar Installation

An LED grille bar shines wide and piercing beams of light from the front of a truck. The bar can help keep you and your family safe while driving at night. This video provides instructions on how to install a grille bar for Ford F150s made in the years 1998 to 2003.

Removing the Plastic Top

You will first need to remove the plastic top that covers the grille piece, which will give you access to the six screws holding it down. Take a Philip’s head screwdriver and remove the screws.

Video Source

Then take a flat head screwdriver to remove the pop tabs running under the grille piece.

Installing the Grille Bar

Put together the brackets as shown in the video. To mount the grille piece, place it on the metal bar that is on the inside of the grille. Center the grille piece to the center of the truck by counting the top screws on the piece to the 12th screw. Once you have centered the bar, use a sharpie to draw a circle inside the hole of the bracket on both sides of the bar. This will show you where to drill. You will need a power drill and a five-sixteenths drill bit to complete the installation.


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