Tire Alignments Save You Time And Money Common Signs You Should Visit Your Local Tire Shop This Year

The types of tires you use go a long way in protecting your car. Using the right type, in fact, can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A worn-out pair of tires will struggle for purchase on the open road and stress out your car’s inner workings. Tires that are unable to grip properly will ruin the efficiency of your brakes and increase your risk for a crash. One way or another, the state of your tires affects everything. Fortunately, tire shops today have more than enough choices for you to sift through. You can choose a set of all-terrain tires for that next camping trip or prepare early with a set of quality winter tires.

It’s best not to wait. Keep yourself safe — and your car covered — by investing in a set of tough, cheap tires.

Why Inefficient Tires Are A Major Cause Of Today’s Traffic Accidents

It’s no great leap to understand the correlation between slippery tires and traffic accidents. Back in 2017 it was revealed over 730 fatal motor vehicle accidents were directly — or partially — related to tire problems. Underinflated tires can lose as much as 20% of their air and still appear fully inflated to the naked eye. Tires that have missed a rotation check can appear to work more or less the same, as well. Tire shops will do more than just supply you with a set of tires: they’ll make sure all the pieces are in working order.

Choosing All-Terrain Tires For Your Next Camping Trip

Are you someone that frequently heads out to the trail for camping or fishing trips? All-terrain tires should be high on your to-buy list. These are designed to cut through dirt, rock, and mud easily, popular for jeeps and trucks alike. Tires that measure 33 inches or larger provide additional clearance to make rock crawling and trail riding easier. You’ll know your all-terrain tires need replacing if their treads are worn down or missing.

Preparing For Winter With A Set Of Snow Tires

The weather is still warm, but winter will be knocking on your door before you know it. Prepare for the sleet and snow with a set of strong winter tires. Unlike all-terrain or sand tires, winter tires are outfitted with studs to give them extra grip. Some insurance companies will even offer their customers discounts if they buy their winter tires on time. Make sure you don’t put them on too soon, however, as winter tires can shred asphalt roads and affect your car’s steering capabilities.

Selecting The Finest Quality Sand Tires

Your vehicle might need a boost if you’re heading out to a sandy or muddy area. Look into sand tires that are designed for the most powerful tread possible. Covered in a knobbly texture, these are able to ‘sink’ into the sand and provide traction where there is none. Your tire shop will take a look at your car from top to bottom to decide what’s best for your model. Alongside your new set of tires you should ask for additional tire alignment or rotation checks.

Keeping Your Tires Working Smoothly With Alignment Checks

Do you want your tires to last as long as possible? Ask your local tire shop pro about an alignment or rotation check. Aligning and balancing your tires every 5,000 to 6,000 miles will maximize their lifespan and overall performance. This is because a simple alignment ensures equal stress is being put on all four tires (whether single plane or dual plane). You can then request a tire rotation if you’ve had a recent oil change.

Protect your car. Protect other drivers on the road. Visit your local tire shop and ask about their off-road tires.

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