Tuning Up Your Japanese Car

The automotive market is enormous around the world today, and the United States, Germany, and Japan produce some of the world’s favorite car and pickup truck brands. Each year, tens of millions of cars are built and sold around the world, new and used, and at dealers or private transactions and sales. Meanwhile, in the United States, not only are native car brands popular, but several Japanese brands have proven their merits in the market, too. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru are among the most popular, and many Americans are familiar with these brands. Local dealers may have many Japanese cars for sale or even specialize in them, and the same is true of the aftermarket parts industry, too. Not only are many cars bought and sold, but so are their parts, from high quality engines to when a person chooses to buy Japanese engines. Why might someone buy Japanese engines for their car, or other performance parts? This is a big industry to dive into.

Japanese Cars in the U.S.

Japan exports many cars to the United States per year, and many of these names are now household names. Statistics show just how often the United States imports these cars, and car parts such as used engines and transmissions might go well with a car, too. Some 7.83 million passenger vehicles are produced in Japan each year, and estimates say that by 2023, Toyota may be manufacturing some 11 million vehicles. In 2016, for a recent example, Japan stood as the United States’ fourth largest supplier of import goods, and in that year, American imports from Japan totaled to $132.2 billion worth. Among all those imports, vehicles had the greatest total value at $50 billion, machinery at $29 billion, and electrical machinery at $16 billion or so.

Honda and Toyota are arguably the two most popular brands. In 2016, Japan’s Toyota was named the world’s most valuable car brand, with an estimated value of $30 billion USD. In 2016 alone, some 389,000 Toyota Camry cars were sold in the U.S., and Honda, meanwhile, sold 4.7 million automobiles around the world in that year. Honda also produced the two best-selling cars in the United States, those being the Accord and Civic.

Finding a Car and New Parts

Someone looking to buy a fine Japanese car can start their search online. Local dealers will have online catalogs that customers may browse, and a buyer may compare and contrast the cars that they find based on price, mileage, horsepower, top speed, features, and even paint job and the material of the seat upholstery. A buyer may feel overwhelmed at first, but seeing all these cars may help them determine what they are looking for in a car. Then, the buyer may visit local dealers and look over these cars in person and also take them for test drives. This is especially important for used cars, which may have some maintenance issues or other unexpected surprises. When the buyer finds a car they like, they can make use of on-site financing services. Auto dealers tend to be connected to several different money-lending services such as banks for this very reason.

A car owner may still have some work ahead of them. Routine maintenance and repair can be done at local auto dealers, and in some cases, this may call for total engine replacement if the owner wants that. More often, though, it is car enthusiasts who make major alterations to their cars such as putting in turbochargers or swapping out the entire engine. The owner of a Toyota, Honda, or Subaru may look online to find the sort of engine they like, such as “where to buy Japanese engines” and enter their ZIP code or city name to find something local. When a car owner searches “where to buy Japanese engines”, they can find the private seller of a car engine, and look it over before buying it. The buyer may want to know why the engine was removed from the original car and if there are any maintenance issues. If everything checks out, the car owner may ask the staff of a local auto shop to install that engine and thus transform the car’s performance. This may be done to make a car race-worthy, for example.

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