Upgrade Your Semi Truck’s Headlights

When looking for headlights for semi trucks, your first stop will probably the internet. If you don’t already have connections with a dealer, the first step is to find a reliable company who can give you details on what’s new and what is available.

Clear and Accessible Information

A company’s website is like their introduction to you. It tells you a lot about how they do business and how reliable the information is on their website. A customer should be able to find out all of the information necessary in order to make an informed decision about semi truck accessories. You should also have no problem communicating with them via their website or email if you have any questions about a certain product. Convenience makes a big difference, especially when you need to compare products or check inventory.

Choosing the Best Bulb

Selecting the proper headlight bulbs can present some difficulties. Your first step is to determine what is important to you. Here are a few matters to consider:

Bulb Light Output Color

Headlight bulb makers generally tend to make the price for bulbs that are brighter and whiter higher than standard bulbs. Brighter bulbs with superior light output and a higher shade temperature tend to be more expensive. So if the cost is crucial to you, be get ready to spend extra for better visibility.

Additionally, halogen headlight bulbs that claim to be whiter and brighter, will generally tend to burn out quicker. Producers are capable of offering greater light output, however, that additional intensity burns the bulb faster than a regular headlight bulb.

But, in case you’re inclined to make the switch over from the halogen headlights that are available in standard semi trucks, to an LED headlight, or an HID headlight, you’ll get a brighter bulb, whiter and brighter light, and an extended life for the bulb.

Halogen vs. LED

If you are bent on getting the bright white, luxury look with your semi truck accessories, sorry to break it to you, you will never get it with factory halogen lights. The reason is, halogen cannot produce the same intensity as LED or HID headlights. The good news is, many manufacturers produce conversion kits for LED and HID headlights. So don’t forget to upgrade your headlights when you purchase new semi truck light accessories. They will help make your truck look high-end.

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