Used Car Sales in America Tops $40 Million Yearly, Buyers Look for Guidance

Subaru inventory

In America alone there are over 250 million used cars on the road, and 40 million pre owned cars are sold by used car dealers across the U.S., with total sales yearly topping $40 million. There are many varieties of used cars: user preference coupled with safety ratings and gas consumption averages tend to influence buyer choice. Many buyers buy from the internet, and some choose to go to a pre owned car dealer.

There are Subaru car dealers across America: hailing from Japan, the Subaru brand has recently made news for its high rate of recycling — almost 98% — at its factories in the United States. Some users also report that they find Subarus enjoyable to drive, citing the company’s eco-friendly reputation.

Used Subaru dealers
may be able to help potential buyers compare gas mileage, safety statistics, and other factors that are important to used car customers. Certified Subaru dealers may be able to offer test rides and may maintain an extensive inventory of used cars for sale, including Subarus but perhaps including other cars as well.

Subarus first arrived in America from Japan almost 50 years ago, in 1968. They are known for making “turbocharged” versions of popular sedan models, and have been noted for their use of a type of engine known as a “boxer engine,” named for its horizontal action that proponents say looks like two boxers having a fight.

Subaru car dealers may be able to provide comprehensive guidance to potential buyers as well as the full range of Subaru models. Antique, or classic Subarus may be available at special car auctions or may be accessible to buyers depending upon their local area.

Used car dealers may be able to lend a hand to used
car buyers when it comes to tracking down and purchasing older models. Larger cities may have a more diverse selection, but with the advent of the internet and with guidance from professional used car dealers, buyers should be able to find a used car that meets their needs.

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