What to Do When Your Hybrid Battery Fails

Honda insight battery

If you’re a hybrid owner, the prospect of the failure of the electric battery is probably a perpetually looming anxiety hanging over your head like a very expensive rain cloud that will drop a flood of debt all over you and your finances (even with the assurance of a hybrid battery warranty). Though hybrids can save you a ton of money with their great fuel economy, a hybrid battery warranty doesn’t mean much when they typically fail before the length of time the warranty is for.

Go to your dealership
A dealership can take care of your hybrid battery repair, but dealership costs can get really expensive. There are other places you can go to find alternative options other than buying a new battery and paying for labor at your dealership (and they’re generally less expensive).

Look for remanufactured electric batteries for cars
A good way to save on anything electronic is to look for a rebuilt version. Rebuilt batteries are taken apart and each part is tested and then replaced to build a “new” battery. These are typically less expensive than buying a new battery, but they often do not come with a warranty.

Find an aftermarket provider
Perhaps the best option out there, the Goldilocks option here, is finding an aftermarket provider. These are new batteries, but not manufactured and not something you generally find at a dealership. These are probably better quality than remanufactured batteries, but are less costly than the one you would get at a dealership.

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