What You Need to Know About Detailing Your Car

Auto collision solutions

One of the biggest frustrations about car accidents and fender benders is seeing your shiny vehicle become dented and scratched. Fortunately, there are many auto collision services available to help drivers get their cars looking like new again. Of course, choosing the right auto detailing and collision repair services can be complicated. Follow these handy tips to ensure you receive the best services available to get your car looking and running its best.

When choosing auto collision and repair service shops, the first thing you will want to do will be to check customer reviews. Pay special attention to reviews with photos, so that you know the quality of work that the shop puts out. Double-check that the facility is covered by liability insurance, and that they follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s waste removal guidelines. Make sure the shop is clean and organized, as this will be reflected in the work.

Once you have found a reputable shop where you are comfortable leaving your vehicle, you will want to determine which auto collision services you need. While body work such as buffing out dents is the most obvious choice, many shops provide additional car detailing services. Auto detail cleaning services may include adding a protective clear coat to the paint, shampooing and vacuuming the upholstery, and polishing interior plastics. Some shops even offer engine cleaning, so that the vehicle sparkles inside and out.

Before you drop off your car at the shop, you will want to determine how long the service will take. Depending on the type of service, number of available technicians, and how busy the shop is, you may be waiting anywhere from one to five hours for your car’s detailing to be completed.

Whether you are trying to fix your vehicle after an accident or simply want a deep clean beyond the hand-held vacuum, having your car professionally detailed can give you that new car feeling, and rekindle your love of driving.

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