When Was the Last Time That You Needed the Services of a Car Repair Shop?

Confessions are never easy.
Whether you are a young teenage driver who has to call home and tell his parents that you have had your first fender bender or you or an 88 year old driver who had an accident in the grocery store parking lot, the phone call to confess to an accident is never an easy one. The call to a parent or an adult child is difficult; the call do the collision repair services is stressful; and, the call to the insurance company can be devastating. Even when the costs from an accident involve a relatively low, any time the collision repair services are filed through an insurance company, the repercussions can be significant.

From a simple windshield replacement to major dent repairs, it is always important to work with collision repair services to make sure that you get the best results.

Auto Body Repair Services Are Often in High Demand During Winter Driving Conditions

Painting a car after an accident is a process that requires several exact steps. Knowing what car point shop to go to can help you determine just how successful the end results are. When you work with the most reputable and experienced collision repair services you can maintain the value of the vehicle that you drive. Most of the automobiles that people drive represent a fairly significant amount of money. As a result, there are a number of times when both vehicle owners and insurance companies require not just one, but two, estimates.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the car repair industry and the driving habits of the American public:

  • In a recent survey, research found that an estimated 77% of cars were in need of maintenance or repairs.
  • Nearly 53% of windshield cracks/repairs/replacements are from a crack that is seven to 12 inches in length. These kind of damages are called long cracks and can sometimes require an entire windshield replacement.
  • Distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding are the three most common causes of car accidents in the U.S. As a result, there are are several defensive driving classes that remind drivers to focus on making sure that drivers give heir full attention to the road whenever they are in the car..
  • As an indicator of just how busy atobody shops are it is important to note that there are approximately 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every single year.
  • In addition to the damage caused to the car, 72% of car crashes also result in property damage as well.
  • The six basic types of windshield breaks include surface pit, combination break, half moon, bullseye, crack, and star breaks. Each one of these different kinds of cracks can require a specific kind of approach.
  • 90% of stone breaks, often referred to as stars and bullseyes, in windshields never crack and are classified by the insurance company industry as floater cracks.
  • There were nearly 2 million rear end collisions in the year 2014 alone, accounting for almost 33% of all crashes that year.
  • There is a rear end collision on U.S. roads every eight seconds.
  • Weather, negligence, fender benders, and high speed collisions are the four main causes of auto body damage. Every kind of damage requires careful and trained attention.

When an accident occurs, it is important to know that reaching out to the best professionals is important. After you first confess to your parent or adult children, in fact, the call to the insurance company and then the repair shop is important. No one wants to have an accident, but if you find yourself in a difficult situation, contacting the best repair services can help you solve part of the problems. Everyone will have an accident at some point, but making the decision to reach out to the best repair services will allow you get the results that you need and maintain the value of the vehicles that you drive.

As the winter months progress, of course, there are even more chances that the drivers will need the experiences help of car repair services and other kinds of auto body repair services. Making the call is the first step to solving the problem.

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