Which Family Car is Right for Me?

Unless you work at a car dealership, you probably do not think that shopping for a new car is a great time. In fact, you probably think that it is quite stressful, from getting your old car ready for trade in, finding out which manufacturer is best for you, and exploring the financing and car lease deals options that you have. Some people are truly loyal to the manufacturer of car they drive, and will never venture from the model that they drive, while some are still floating from maker to maker to find that perfect ride. Chances are, you are a family oriented person who wants a safe, durable vehicle with economic fuel rates. If that’s the case, you may want to look into the most valuable American car brand on the market: Ford.
Ford model cars can be considered a luxury vehicle in that they will take you to many places safely and economically. A Ford Focus has a sleek, eye grabbing design while still remaining competitive in longevity and gas mileage rates. If you are car shopping on a budget, you can get a Ford Focus as a no frills, no mods model, or you can layer it with all of the bells and whistles that you like. The car’s cab has ample room for car seats, carpools, puppy ride alongs, grocery trips, and more, with decently sized trunk space compared to similarly sized sedans by other manufacturers.
Ford dealers agree that the Ford Focus rides much more comfortably than competing sedans, with shock absorption systems that jostle with one to two other manufacturers for the first place spot in this category. The driver is given many on demand controls and a smooth, silent ride, with no crosswind blowing or whistling to disturb you.
It is highly likely that your neighborhood area Ford dealers are very successful; Ford raked in almost $150 billion in profits in 2015, a six billion dollar spike from the year previous. These dealerships can usually offer a full range of Ford repair and service on your Focus, from oil changes to accident repair.
Consumers call the Ford Focus an economical, sleek, fun to drive car that meets both their luxury and family needs. With this classic sedan from a leading car manufacturer, you can’t go wrong.

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