Why to Look at Storage Units

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Are you in the middle of moving and need an in-between place to keep your belongings? Taking off for an extended vacation and need secure car storage? Have you considered looking at self storage units? Self storage units are a great way to store your valuables or extra belongings in a personal and private space. Only you have access to the storage unit with your key or code, and depending on the storage unit, some have electronic gates that offer extra security.
Why Rent Self Storage Units?
Renting storage space has become increasingly popular in the last few decades. Between 1995 and 2012, the number of people renting storage space has jumped 65%. For people who have extra cars or seasonally related recreational vehicles (such as boats or snowmobiles, for example), storing them on their property can be a challenge. They generally take up a good amount of space, which suburban and city dwellers often don’t have. Even if you have plenty of property space, protecting these valuable vehicles from the weather and temperature fluctuation is also important. Car storage units will let you store your goods in a weather-protected space. This helps avoid rusting and water damage, among other things. Additionally, it gets these vehicles off your lawn or driveway when they’re not being used.
For people who are just trying to de-clutter or are between places to live, a storage unit can be a cheap and effective method of storing items that they’ll need later. One possible scenario for using a storage unit would be if you’re a college student who lives off-campus, but is going home for the summer. Transporting furniture (like mattresses or tables) can be a huge hassle, especially if you live far away. Renting a nearby storage unit is a great way to keep your belongings in the town you live over the summer and reduce the hassle of having to move it all back home and then back to your dorm in the fall. Storage units are also great for recently graduated college students, for example, who don’t want their stuff in Mom and Dad’s house anymore, but don’t have quite the room in their new place to store it. Storage units are often a good alternative for people who live in apartments or other metropolitan areas that have little storage.
Some Storage Unit Tips: What to Look For
When looking at a storage unit to rent, one of the most important things to ensure is that the storage unit is clean and dry. It should also be secure. Depending on the value of the items you’re storing, you may want to check if it comes with extra security features like an electronic gate. Additionally, you want to make sure the storage facility can give you access to your items all during the week. Units that are closed on the weekend, for example, could be a problem if you need to get something. Another thing to look for is storage units that have drive-up access. This makes it easier to drop off (and pick up) your belongings (especially heavier or bulkier items) without having to walk very far or go up and down stairs.

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