Why Your Home Should Have Window Film

If you’ve never considered the use of window film, you should. Window film has many applications, available for use for home windows, car windows, and the windows of commercial buildings alike. Window film is relatively inexpensive but even still will more than make up for the price of it at the time of purchase.

For instance, window film can help to keep the interior of your home in good conditions once this tint has been applied to the windows all throughout your home. For many people (more than half of them, at least here in the United States), the concern of fading in their homes is a prominent one, be it the fading of the artwork hanging on their walls or even just the fading of their furniture. Fortunately, window film and the process of window tinting can help to prevent this while still letting in light, letting you have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Residential window tinting with the use of window film is also incredibly ideal for those who are looking to save a considerable amount of money. This might seem like a silly statement, but it is actually true, as the use of window tint can lower utility bills by as much has 40%. This can be attributed to the fact that your average window film will block more than three quarters (79%, to be precise) of all solar heat that would otherwise be coming in through your windows – all while still allowing as much as 80% (and no less than 30%, depending on the type of window tint that you use) of all visible light to still get through. This, of course, allows your home to stay cool much more easily during the hot summer months that are so prevalent in so many places all throughout the country.

In addition to this, the use of window film is also incredibly effective and protecting the skin of everyone inside the home. While most people think that being inside automatically protects their skin and bodies from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, this is unfortunately far from the case. In fact, up to half of all the UVA rays from the sun can easily penetrate through windows and while it is certainly much more diluted than standing outside in direct sunlight, these rays can still be harmful. Fortunately, the application of window tint cuts the UVA exposure down significantly, as such window tint blocks up to 99.99% of all UVA rays that would otherwise come through the window and onto the bodies of the people inside the home.

For this reason, window film for your car is also incredibly important, as your skin can be impacted by the sun even when driving short distances. Studies that have been conducted on the subject more than back up this claim, showing a stark difference in the left and right sides of the face in people who have driven for a living, such as truck drivers, with the side facing the driver’s window proving to be much more weathered than the other. And window tint can also serve as security film for cars, something that is likely to be hugely useful.

While you can certainly do your best to keep your car and everything within it safe, there is only so much you can do. Car theft can sometimes be random and violent and preventing it is difficult when you are away from your car and not easily in sight of it. Fortunately, the application of security film to your cars windows can actually end up making a considerable difference. This security film makes it less simple of a thing for potential criminals to easily survey the contents of your vehicle to know if you have anything good inside of it, anything worth of stealing. If this is the case, it is more likely than not that these people will simply move on to another target, one that is considerably easier to assess and plan out an attack on.

All in all, window film is hugely important for use in the home as well as use in various motor vehicles.

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