Dent removal services

Having a car is a bit like having a big metal baby: you’re constantly responsible for its wellbeing, and it sure as heck can be difficult to make sure it doesn’t bump or bruise any of its body parts. But unlike humans whose bruises inevitably face, a dent in a car doesn’t go away on its own. And during the winter, cars are susceptible to a great deal of damage. If your vehicle made it through the winter without a scratch or bump, consider yourself lucky. But if something like a pothole or the wrath of mother nature got to your vehicle, then you’re not alone. Of all the damage the winter can have on your big metal car baby, hail is by far the worst. Let’s take a look at the facts:
Hail damage can cause a litany of issues for drivers — especially financial issues. The best way to prevent your car from hail damage is by placing a protective car cover over your vehicle. These covers cost anywhere between $200-$500. That’s one expensive umbrella!
If your vehicle does happen to get hit by hail, expect to see dents that are at least the size of a quarter. As far as hail damage repair and dent removal goes, each spot can take up to 15 minutes to remove. If there are several dents, car dent repair can take quite a bit of time.
Unfortunately, the deeper the dent, the longer it will take to fix. In fact, car dent repair for larger hail damage dents can take as long as three hours. Imagine if your metal car baby had several large dents!
The best way to prevent costly and time consuming dent repair is through preventive methods. If possible, keep your car covered during hail storms. If you have a garage, stow it away.