3 Reasons to Visit Subaru Car Dealers in Your Next Car Hunt

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There’s a reason Subaru owners are known for their brand loyalty. In 2012, the automaker’s household loyalty came in at just over 50%, meaning that over half of Subaru owners purchased another Subaru in their lives. If you want to get an idea of why so many Subaru owners are repeat customers, read on; here are three reasons you might want to start your next car search at Subaru car dealers and find a new or used Subaru for sale.

  1. If You’re Environmentally Conscious

    Subaru has a long track record of watching its impact on the environment. In fact, Subaru’s plant in Lafayette, IN, was the first car assembly facility to achieve zero landfill status. The automaker has also instituted an initiative to reduce the impact of its cars on landfills at the end of their lives, and 97.3% of a Subaru vehicle, on average, is made of recyclable materials.

  2. If You Live Somewhere Snowy

    Subaru vehicles are respected for their performance in rough weather conditions, including deep and heavy snow. Even the automaker’s smaller cars are known for relatively high clearance and excellent steering. According to Forbes, “Subaru makes one of the best AWD [all-wheel drive] systems in the business,” and four Subaru vehicles — the Outback, Crosstrek, Legacy and Impreza — made Forbes’ list of the 14 best cars for snowy driving conditions, making up nearly 30% of the list. So if you’re in Western New York or another region that experiences frigid winters, it’s worth checking out the Subaru inventory at Rochester car dealerships.

  3. If You Love to Drive

    Subaru vehicles are known for being fun to drive, both on roads and off. “All you need [to love the Subaru BRZ] is a love for driving, for getting behind the wheel and going nowhere in particular just because you want to go. I am 66, and I’ve never had so much fun in my life driving a little car,” Warren Brown wrote in his Washington Post review of one of Subaru’s newer offerings. That’s a glowing recommendation that would convince almost anyone to stop by some local Subaru car dealers for a test drive.

Have you owned a Subaru? Do you agree with this list? Give your feedback or add your own reasons in the comments.

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