FIAT Brings Style to US Roadways

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After pulling out of the U.S. for several years, FIAT finally made it’s triumphant return to North America in March of 2011. FIAT, an Italian automaker that stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, brought with it a new lineup of cars that took America by storm, with the new FIAT 500 at its forefront. With five models that all embody the unique design of the Italian auto industry, each of FIAT’s models offer a different experience at reasonable price.

  1. FIAT 500 – This small, compact car was first created in Italy in 1957 as a sleek city automobile. On the 50th anniversary of the FIAT 500, FIAT introduce the new FIAT 500 that was larger and more durable than the original, but still embodied its unique style. In 2011, the car finally made its way to the U.S. With a new five-speed manual transmission engine, over 500,000 combinations for customization and MSRP of $17,145, the new FIAT 500 has everything a driver could ask for.
  2. FIAT 500L – The FIAT 500L offers all of the same great characteristics of the FIAT 500 but with more interior room and doors. With more space to stretch their legs, passengers won’t mind going for a ride in this spacious vehicle. The 500L comes standard with FIAT’s 1.4 L 16V MultiAir Turbo engine, giving it the power to take its driver anywhere they choose to go. The 500L also comes with the option of a customizable roof top.
  3. FIAT 500e – The FIAT 500e is the automakers gift to the environment. A completely electric vehicle, the 500e is powered solely by battery and boasts zero tailpipe emissions. With the new FIAT 500e, drivers can save money and help protect the environment while maintaining the same sense of style FIAT has always strived to bring its customers.
  4. FIAT 500c – This little two-seater brings the freedom of the road to every driver, no matter where the road takes them. With a retractable soft-top roof, drivers of the 500c can enjoy the wind in the hair as they cruise down the streets in style. With all the great safety and performance features of the FIAT 500, the 500c is the perfect car for those looking for a little more luxury.
  5. FIAT 500 Abarth – Last, but certainly not least, is the FIAT Abarth. With a 160 horsepower turbocharged engine, the FIAT Abarth is the hot rod of the FIAT models. Drivers can choose between a hatchback and retractible soft top roof. Drivers looking for a car with a little more kick can find it in the Abarth.

With a great lineup of vehicles, FIAT offers a wide variety of different options, all with uncompromised Italian style.
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