3 Signs It’s Time to Purchase New Automobile Tires

Many drivers love customizing their automobiles. If you’re wanting to drive off the beaten path, you might purchase a set of off road tires. Off road tires are usually described by their outer diameter measurements. For instance, tires measuring 33 inches or larger are great for rock crawling or riding trails. Regardless of which types of custom wheels and tires you prefer, it’s wise to know when these items need replacing. Here are three important signs it’s time to purchase a new set of tires.

  • You’re Experiencing Loss of Tread

    To drive safely, your tires need to grip the road. This is why tires have tread. Unfortunately, this tread will wear down as you continue driving. If these items begin looking flat or bald, it’s time to replace them. When you continue to drive on tires with little to tread, it makes all aspects of driving more difficult.
  • You’re Driving on a Spare

    Many drivers understand the panic associated with getting a flat tire. Therefore, many automobile manufacturers include spare tires with their vehicles. With that in mind, spare tires come in handy during these stressful situations. While it might look nice, you don’t want to ride on your spare tire for too long. This type of tire is only meant for temporary use. In addition, it will be unable to offer the same type of traction as replacement tires.
  • It’s Been a Long Time Since Your Last Tire Replacement

    For many people, life moves at a rapid pace. This type of pace often means forgetting important things including replacing your automobile’s tires. If you’re unable to remember the last time your vehicle received new wheels and tires, it’s time to replace these items. In turn, you can continue driving safely without worrying about the age of your vehicle’s tires.

To summarize, there are several signs that your tires need replacing. If you’re driving with potentially unsafe tires, consider replacing them right away. It’s understandable to assume that purchasing a set of tires is going to cost a lot of money. However, you’ll be glad to know that certain tire shops offer rent to own options. By renting tires, you won’t have to spend lots of money upfront. Research from 2017 found that 738 motor vehicle fatalities took place due to tire related automobile crashes. Instead of risking your life on the road, consider purchasing a new set of automobile tires.

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