4 Facts About Car Washing

A great-looking car is one that can turn heads, and that is what most people want for their own vehicle. They know that there may be some vanity attached to the idea that their car needs to turn heads, but most of us understand that we possess within us to the ability to be a bit vain at times. The point is, you should be searching for car buffing services near me when you go to look for places that can help.

Car cleaning nearby is another search term that you might try, as are “car cleaning and waxing near me” and “car carpet wash near me”. Each of these should provide you with some options that you can use to figure out your next steps. Car vacuums are available at most car washes, but you will want to check that this is the case before you head out to any particular one. You might be surprised by how many have not caught on to the fact that they should always offer this service. Fortunately, you can always go to a different one if the need be. The important thing is to get your car looking great on the inside and out so you can enjoy it to the max.

Did you know that roughly 65% of car wash locations also double as gas stations? This provides ease of access. For some, their car is an extension of their personality and for others it is simply their mode of transportation. Either way, washing your car is important for your vehicle health. No matter which camp you fall into or how you feel about washing your car, you will surely find these car washing facts quite fascinating.

1. Your Car is a Reflection

Approximately one out of every four car owners believes that how their car looks is a reflection on them. For example, if your car is dirty, it reflects poorly on you and is often a sign of disorganization. If you’re in the business of keeping your car neat and tidy, you’re not alone. You are in a prestigious club with approximately 62% of car owners who also take the appearance of their cars seriously. However, let’s not downplay the fact that having a messy car is totally normal and if you have or prefer a messy car, that’s totally cool too!

2. Save Fuel

Very few people are aware that car cleaning actually is good for the health of the vehicle. If you keep your car clean it will save you a few cents at the pump. This is because dirt creates drag and can increase fuel by up to 10% which is quite significant. So in the long run, visiting your local car wash locations can save you money, shows people you care about your property, and who doesn’t love the feeling you get after a full service car wash!

3. Stay Healthy

Especially in this day and age, we spend a lot of time in our cars. Unfortunately, this means that cars get pretty messy and with the mess comes germs. Are you seeing where this is going? Dirty cars can lead to the spread of illnesses. Even though most people keep up with cleaning their homes, since we’re always on the go, cars usually get left out. With this in mind, if you go through a drive through car wash, the interior of your car still won’t be clean. Even if you just take the time to wipe down the interior of your car, keeping your car clean can help prevent disease and save you all those medical bills.

4. Vehicle Value

So taking care of your car is great for your wallet, vehicle, and your future! If you have been staying on top of your vehicle maintenance, it’s probably worth more than a dirty car. Generally speaking, clean cars look better and are easier to sell. So as soon as you’re thinking about selling your car, it is time to tackle whatever cleaning or maintenance necessary. This will allow you to price your car at a higher rate and hopefully squeeze a little more out of it. Also, check out what options are available at your local car wash locations. Often times there is an automatic car wash option and a manual car wash option.



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