An American Tradition How Ford Has Preserved Its Position As One of the Nation’s Leading Automobile Manufacturers

Used vehicle options

Who knew that four wheels and an engine would become such a vital part of our modern lives? Since the introduction of the automobile over a century ago our lives have changed for the better as we are able to blaze new trails and cover vast distances faster than ever before. The spirit of the American automobile lives on as newer, more advanced models are released each year with the competition growing even more fierce as time ticks on. Amidst this world of manufacturers, dealerships, and engines is a raging debate taking place in the mind of every driver: “what kind of vehicle should I buy?” While the right answer is a matter of preference, here is some advice to help make the decision a little bit easier.

New Versus Used Vehicles

It is a commonly held belief that a vehicle is one of the worst investments anyone can make as it will depreciate in value significantly as soon as it is bought and driven off of the lot; there is truth in this statement. New vehicles are often regarded as overpriced and extravagant, but for good reason as many drivers are eager to get their hands on the latest gadgets, safety features, and models they can — in many cases the money is well spent and these drivers feel that they get their value out of the car even if they plan on selling it within three years of buying it. On the other hand, many people elect to buy a pre-owned car or truck as they find that they are able to get a better value out of the vehicle. By the same token, buying used cars and trucks can be a dangerous endeavor as buyers typically have little indication of the vehicle’s history, performance, or issues — as a rule of thumb always be sure to do your research before you buy a pre-owned car or truck as there are a number of websites and services that specialize in offering detailed vehicle history reports.

An American Tradition

America is known around the world as one of the leaders in the automobile industry, and for good reason too! When the Ford Motor Company released the world’s first affordable automobile in the 1908, the Model T set a new standard of innovation and is almost single-handedly responsible for the rise of automobile culture that followed in the 20th century. Over a hundred years later, Ford continues its high standard of excellence and thrives as one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the nation owning 14.7% of the United States auto market shares. In 2014 Ford generated an estimated $144 billion in revenue and reports annual profits of $3.187 billion; these figures are due in no small part to the high quality make of their vehicles which continue to distinguish Ford as a quality automobile manufacturer in the eyes of American drivers.

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Car or Truck from Ford?

The high quality and reliability that Ford invests in their vehicles shows as their certified pre-owned vehicles are some of the best selling domestic vehicles in the nation. Many newer used Ford models come with manufacturer-backed warranties, this shows the Ford Motor Company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and performance. Ford is known for its innovative customer satisfaction program and the company has won more JD Power quality awards than any other car brand in the nation. Another reason to buy a pre-owned car or truck from Ford is the fact that Ford vehicles retain their value better than any other vehicle on the market, meaning that used vehicle buyers will be able to get more of their money back should they decide to resell their Ford at some point.

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