Finding the Right 3pl Sales Job Means Finding Job Security and Good Wages

Ltl trucking industry

A drive across Interstate 80 in Nebraska is a window into the energy future of this country. Enormous single blades for wind turbines frequent the two, four, or six lanes heading in either direction. Pulled by two separate truck beds, these long blades are escorted by a lighted signaling front truck and followed by a back up truck. A large shipment can literally span hundreds of miles on the interstate as the trucking industry delivers the single blades and three parts of the center tower on individual heavy haul trucks.
While not all cargo traveling on Interstate 80 is as easy to identify as these large parts of the energy wind machines, if drivers could see inside the trucks traveling beside them they would see nearly everything that Americans use on a day to day basis. Food. Furniture. Air conditioning units. Cars. Lumber. The list is nearly as long as the road itself.
Third party logistics sales jobs (3pl sales jobs) are an integral part of today’s product transportation industry. From Newark, New Jersey, to Boise, Idaho, and from Atlanta, Georgia, to Fresno, California, transportation sales jobs are frequently posted. Both short haul tuck drivers and owner operator trucking jobs help this country get what they need when they need it. Not surprisingly, 3pl sales jobs are an important part of this thriving industry.
Consider some of the statistics about the transportation industry:

  • Heavy and tractor trailer employment rates were expected to grow at least 5% between the years of 2014 and 2014.
  • 8.9 million people are employed in trucking related occupations, these include warehouse employees, as well as both large and small trucking companies.
  • 3.5 million of the people employed in the trucking industry are truck drivers.
  • 70% of the manufactured and retailed goods in America are delivered by the nation’s trucking industry.
  • 671 billion of manufactured and retailed good are delivered by American trucks.
  • 43% of the growth in logistics jobs will be truck drivers, according to a Department of Labor study.

Some of the different jobs in the trucking industry include the following:

  • Short haul truck driver jobs
  • Specialized operator trucking jobs
  • International freight carrier jobs
  • Long haul truck driver jobs
  • Heavy haul owner operator jobs
  • Regional trucking jobs

Third party logistics jobs are an integral part of coordinating all of these companies with all of these drivers to the goods and services that they deliver.

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