Why Spray On Bed Liners May Be Your Best Choice

Spray on bed liner

Keeping your truck in good condition can make it run for many, many years, depending on the make and model that you own. Keeping up with oil changes, cleaning filters, regular tune ups, tire rotations and the likes of that will help keep your truck in mint condition. Getting it seen regularly will also alert you early on of any problems that need to be fixed or repaired. You don’t want your whole truck being held together with wire tape! Even if your truck is old, forego the wire tape and focus on replacing the parts that need it one by one. Old trucks are some of the most sturdiest and reliable vehicles out there if they are properly taken care of. One way to protect your truck is to try out spray on bedliners. There are different kinds of truck bedliners that you could use but a spray on might be a better option. Here’s why:

  1. One Size Fits All
    Well, it’s put on using a bedliner spray gun so there really is no size, per say. However, because it is a spray, you are guaranteed that it will fit your truck bed. Drop in liners and carpet liners are only manufactured for truck beds that are certain sizes so if you have an older truck or some sort of custom model, then the spray on bed liner will ensure that the protection fits properly. If you are doing it yourself, you can always use wire tape to mark off the edges if you are afraid of getting it where it shouldn’t be.

  2. Shift no More
    Drop in liners and carpet liners tend to move around after they’ve been in the bed for awhile. This is a problem because it can expose the bed of your truck and cause damage. Liners are supposed to protect your truck so this is counter productive. Spray on bed liners won’t ever shift because the spray attaches directly to the bed of the truck itself instead of only to it’s own fibers.

  3. Self Defense is Key
    The other types of liners tend to get damaged over time. Cracking, ripping, corrosion and even rust can occur because of weather and being exposed to so much. They can’t really take care of themselves like a spray on liner can. The spray on bed liners don’t allow any moisture because of how it is 100% airtight. This means no mold, no mildew and thus no rust or corrosion.

  4. Beauty is in the Eye
    …of the beholder, yes. One of the best things about the spray on liners is that they come in a whole range of colors. You aren’t limited to just the black that drop in liners come in. If you don’t have a black truck, do you want a black bed? You could get a spray that matches your truck, instead. The choices are limitless.

  5. One and Done
    Once you have sprayed the liner on, there is minimal maintenance required. Other liners may need repairs and upkeep as well as cleaning. But spray on liners don’t have these problems. There’s no need to clean under it because as mentioned, it’s airtight, nothing is getting under it. You can spray it off at a car wash if you see fit but if you’re okay with a little dirt on your truck, it isn’t going to harm the liner.

One piece of advice: make sure you use wire tape when spraying your truck. As you can see from above, the spray is incredibly strong and durable and it will never come on once it’s on there so make sure that you mark off the areas that are not to be sprayed. Over spray can occur so be careful how you maneuver around your truck. Other than that, there really is no down side to spray on liners if you are looking to line your truck bed. It’s a good idea because while all vehicles are okay having a little ‘lived in’ look to them, the bed of trucks tend to get extremely beaten up because of all the things that get thrown back there. The liners will provide an extra coat of protection that can take a lot more beatings than regular truck paint can.

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