Why are Used Car Dealerships in Such Hot Demand This Year?

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In 2015, about 7.7 million cars were sold in the U.S. alone. That?s a lot of automobiles! Not all of them were new, though. In fact, in many cases, used car dealerships are becoming more popular than ever. Let?s review the facts!

Why are Used Car Dealers in Hot Demand?

Several years ago, the sale of new cars went up — both actual sales, and in leased vehicles. A larger number of used vehicles are expected to hit the market, more than usual — this means that the overall price of buying a quality used vehicle is likely to decline, because of increased competition among dealers and an influx of stock that needs to be moved year by year.

It?s also worth noting that used cars today are simply more valuable than they were several years ago. Cars built past 2010 are typically notable for their performance and longevity. As these cars continue to enter the used car market, they are making many consumers wonder whether they truly need a new car, when the outlook for a used vehicle is so bright.

Used Subaru Dealers and Used Chevy Dealers Sell Trusted Vehicles

Let?s be honest: not all vehicle brands are created equal. There are luxury brands, there are good value brands, and then there are brands that are simply affordable without much else going for them. Subaru and Chevrolet are two trusted vehicle manufacturers that perform well globally. Chevrolet is an American classic that has been mentioned in over 1,000 pop songs; Subaru has a nearly 100% recycling ratio rate for their end-of-life vehicles. These companies aren?t just successful today; they?re setting themselves up for a good future, as well. This is important for used vehicles, as a good brand name can help you recoup more money if you end up re-selling the car sometime in the future!

What Should You Look for in Used Car Dealerships?

It?s a good idea to do your research on the makes and models you might be interested in, because a used car sales lot has even more options than a typical sales lot. Find out whether certain years have a better reputation than others, and how many miles the average vehicle goes through before they experience major issues. Most vehicles will perform fairly well up to around 100,000 miles. Some will be fine well past that; others might run into trouble a bit early, around 80,000. You?ll want to know if there are common issues used car owners experience with their vehicles.

Will you be visiting used car dealerships this summer? Let us know. More info like this.

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