Can My Group Afford Charter Bus Travel?

Coach bus transportation indiana

Traveling, especially during the winter months of the midwest can be a challenge. For many groups the way to provide the best safe travel option is to negotiate with cheap charter buses for a rate that makes group travel more affordable. The difference, for example, of traveling with a school bus and a charter bus can be significant, but in the dead of winter the comfort and warmth of a charter bus rental makes good sense.
The days of schools having enough buses and drivers to get students and athletes to all of their weekly events are gone. On any given weekend, for example, a large school district might have the following activities requiring bus travel:

  • 150 show choir students traveling three hours away for an all day competition.
  • A varsity squad of wrestlers traveling across town to the two day Metro City Wrestling tournament.
  • A reserve wrestling squad traveling 30 miles south of the school for a two day tournament.
  • 40 debate club members traveling two hours away to the first tournament of the season.

Busy weekends like this, when the temperatures are expected to fall below zero, are exactly the time when cheap charter buses can solve the complicated schedule. Especially when large groups of students need to be traveling long distances, the safety of heated coach bus transportation is necessary.
Cheap charter buses can be so affordable that sometimes even groups of parents traveling to the various school and sporting activities will reserve their own bus as well.
Luckily, many charter bus companies are available to serve all of these needs. In fact, the motor coach industry is comprised of nearly 3,400 businesses, most of them small independently run companies. In its entirety, the total the travel industry has a fleet of close to 34,000 vehicles. This number includes charter buses, tour buses, sightseeing buses, airport shuttles, commuter buses, and other scheduled passenger services.
In addition to providing safe, affordable travel, the busing industry also does its part to limit dangerous carbon monoxide gasses. Every full size motor coach, for example, has the potential to remove as many as 55 vehicles from the highway. Eliminating these vehicles reduces congestion and energy use, as well as reducing emissions.
Charter bus and motor coach travel is also readily available. In fact, America has five times as many motor coach terminals as it does are airports. And while intercity rail travel is growing, the U.S. motor coach industry has six times as many bus terminals as intercity rail terminals.
What are your travel plans for your next group events? Are you going to let everyone fend for themselves, or are you going to schedule charter bus service so the entire group can travel together?

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