Construction Updates Often Indicate the Inclusion of Vehicle Charging Stations

You have had a great weekend, and a big part of the fact is that you now live so close to downtown and can take advantage of all the warm weather options that are available. And while you hope that all of the weekends this spring and summer will be great, you are a little more hopeful after the latest construction updates you received from the apartment leasing office.

The most exciting news may be that they have finally completed their work with the United States Postal Service this morning and that they are announcing that they will be delivering mail and packages sent via USPS starting this week. The leasing office will continue to accept all packages that are not sent via USPS in the same manner as before, but they have now provided information about how to request a key for the individual mailboxes. It might be silly to think that getting mail would be such a novel idea, but after living in this space for more than seven months, it is exciting to think that by requesting a mailbox key, you will now be one step closer to living a normal life. You can simply submit a work order through your online resident portal at  note in your work order if you would prefer to pick up your key in the office or if you would like it delivered to your kitchen counter.

Rental Properties Have Many Responsibilities to Their Residents

Another not as exciting piece of news is that the complex has also completed their work with the electric company. This means that after seven months you will need to start paying for utilities, but one advantage is the owners are going to waive any deposits and put the accounts in the name of the complex. The bills from the utility company will show up on individual accounts sometime in the next month or two.

The complex also offer a safety reminder to secure all doors once you have unlocked the door, especially now since the weather is getting warmer and there will be more foot traffic by the complex. You do not need to pull the key out; in the same motion you can circle right to unlock, pull the door open, and then circle the key back all the way to the left to re-secure.

The complex is also reminding residents to call 9-1-1 for any emergencies. While the leasing office has spoken with the local police department and have been assured that they are here to serve all Omaha residents, there are still times when some residents are calling the leasing office after hours number.

The parking to the east and west of the community is free city parking, but not well lit. You are anxious for the day when the EV charging company will complete their work and you can move to these more conveniently located and well lit spots. Right now you charge your car at work. The efforts of the EV charging company will allow you to have more flexibility where you park at work, as you can charge your vehicle at home overnight.

Electric car charging stations for a home require careful installation, but it is often even more important to work with the most experienced EV charging company when it comes to a large residential unit like an apartment. You hope to have many more fun weekends in your apartment downtown, but the incompletion of the work from the EV charging company are now limiting the convenience that you seek on Saturday and Sunday.

Plug-in electric vehicles are now viable for most lifestyles and budgets, and you have easily worked the payments into your monthly budgets, but the slowness of the complex completing the parking lot has been a major stumbling block. With more than two dozen models now commercially available, some 800,000 Americans have made the switch to driving electric and you are one of them. You just need your leasing company to catch up with the times. For up to 25 EV charging/parking spaces at a single location, at least one such parking space must be an extra-wide, ADA-compliant parking space, and your complex has not even surfaced the lot for these needed spots, let alone provided the charging station you need.

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