Finding New Parts For Your Mercedes Benz

The modern auto industry is a vast one, and many popular car brands are on the market, as are their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. While there is no “best” car brand out there, the German brand Mercedes Benz is known for making luxury cars that sell well every year. A car owner is responsible for all repair and upkeep needs of their vehicle, and even a high-end Mercedes Benz may need some replacement or upgrade parts from time to time. A car owner can take their vehicle to an auto dealer to have Mercedes OEM parts installed, or they can look through a Mercedes Benz parts catalog. When it comes to finding Mercedes OEM parts online, what should a customer look for? And how strong is the Mercedes Benz brand today?

The Brand of Mercedes Benz

This car brand is an old one. In 1886, a certain Karl Benz patented a three-wheeled, gas-powered Motorwagen, and his wife, Bertha, even took it on a 120-mile tour across Germany. This early car had good horsepower for its time, with 0.9 HP. Of course, the Mercedes Benz brand has grown a great deal since then, and this brand is also known for making hybrid cars. In particular, the Mercedes Benz Mixte was the first hybrid of this brand, and it had a gas engine in front and a dynamo that supplied spark for the rear hub’s two motors. This vehicle could achieve a top speed of 75 MPH.

How strong is the brand overall? Mercedes Benz cars are manufactured in 30 different nations around the world today, and in 2018, this brand boosted its worldwide sales by 0.9% to hit a record 2,310,185 cars. That made for the eighth year in a row for leading the premium car brand market worldwide. As of 2019, Mercedes Benz’s brand value clocked in at $23.36 billion. It may be noted that the auto aftermarket parts market is also quite large, and this includes Mercedes Benz brand parts. Generic car parts do exist, but a Mercedes Benz owner may prefer to find authentic Mercedes OEM parts online, since genuine Mercedes parts are certain to fit well in a MB car and work as intended. For nearly all car owners, this is easily worth the higher price of brand name car parts.

Mercedes OEM Parts Online and at Shops

When is it time to find Mercedes Benz parts online, or visit an auto shop that can provide them? There are a few reasons, and one of them is mundane wear and tear. Over time, any car will start to wear out, and its parts may get rusty or worn thin or not work as well. This may especially be the case for when a used car is purchased (not all Mercedes Benz cars are necessarily bought new). And of course, if a car gets into a minor traffic accident, it’s certainly time to have some repair and replacement work done on it.

So, the owner of a Mercedes Benz can look up “Mercedes Benz parts near me” or “Mercedes OEM parts online” if they can effect repairs themselves. Some car owners are enthusiasts, and may own their own private garage where they can repair and upgrade their own cars. This includes a Mercedes Benz, and such a car can have its fuel injectors swapped out for a new model to boost the car’s horsepower. Or, the wheel rims can be exchanged for new models, or even the tires, for enhanced performance. If a car owner cannot do this work alone, they can look for auto dealers nearby that do offer Mercedes Benz parts, and ask the crews there to complete the repairs. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the shop’s staff to order the necessary parts online, and once they arrive, notify the customer so they can return and have their car worked on.

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