Four of the Ways to Travel, Which Will You Choose?

Charter bus with wifi

Travelling is such an enlightening adventure; seeing things you have never seen before in places you have never been, in cultures you have never experienced. Not only does being away make you appreciate your home and family and all the things you have but travelling gives you a sense of confidence, open-mindedness and of course such wonderful memories; possibly even a few new friends.

When you are planning your travel, you need to think about how you will get there. Road trip or fly? Shuttle or local bus services? Coach charter buses or a cruise ship? The answer to that question depends on how far away and where you are going. I am going to go over a few good ways to travel around the United States.

  1. Airplane The benefits of flying are that it is the shortest amount of time, generally speaking. Of course, something flights require a layover somewhere and that can take quite a bit of time. Prices can actually go either way. Sometimes flying is the expensive way to travel and sometimes it is the cheapest and sometimes it is right about the same and then you have to decide how long you want to take to get to your destination.
  2. Car Road trips can be very fun if you go with the right people, have the right snacks and good music. Again, price depends on where you are going and how much gas prices are at the time of your trip. The downfall of a road trip is actually having to drive. If you like driving then this is no problem but if you don’t, this is not the option for you.
  3. Cruise This is a complete vacation in and of itself. This is not the option to chose if you are trying to reach a destination. The cruise is the destination. Although, you do make stops along ports for the day so make sure you like where you are going.
  4. Coach charter buses Now, this is a great option. No personal driving involved, a flat rate fee and there is even wifi on a bus. You can definitely travel comfortably on a bus and they have large cushy seats that recline. Also, if you are concerned about the environment it will please you to know that the amount of CO2 released by coach charter buses is three times less than commuter rail and six times less than a transit bus. Travel by motorcoach really is increasing in popularity, quickly. In fact, 751,000,000 of passenger trips taken every year are done so by a coach. It is the fastest growing form of transportation. In one year, the amount it was used went up 7.5% according to the American Bus Association.

    So, which form of travel will you choose for your next trip?

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