Four Simple Tricks for Anyone Looking to Save Some Serious Money on Car Repairs

The only method to restore your beloved set of wheels to its former glory is to take your damaged car to a good shop for an auto repair, but as you are well aware, this can cost you an arm and a leg. These suggestions are for you if you’re one of the many people wondering how you might reduce some of the major expenditures connected with auto repair services.

According to Acura repair shops, shopping for the lowest labor rates at your neighborhood auto body shops is one of the simplest ways to reduce costs drastically. As you know, the labor at a repair shops frequently drives up your charge, not the parts.

As noted by Acura, it is a wise decision to locate a mechanic shop near you that is a member of AAA for various reasons. AAA generally allows the best of the best to join its ranks. The AAA sticker also indicates that you might be able to take advantage of a parts and labor discount through your membership.

You need to learn how to handle straightforward tasks on your own if you want to cut costs in a repair shop. For instance, if your brake rotors or wheels were damaged in the collision, you can easily replace those problems yourself at home without spending a fortune.

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 10 million car accidents in the United States each and every year. While it’s true that many car accidents result in little more than a scratch on the bumper, many others leave your car looking like it got in a fight with a Transformer. Taking it to a body repair shop is usually the only way to repair your favorite set of wheels to its former splendor, but as you well know, that can cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re one of the many wondering how you can cut down on some of the biggest costs associated with automotive collision repair work, these tips are just for you.

Four Tips to Reduce the Cost of Automotive Collision Repair

    1. Compare Labor Rates at Local Body Shops

For, one of the simplest ways to cut costs in a big way is to shop around for the lowest labor rates at your local auto body shops. As you well know, it’s often the labor, not the parts, that really run up your bill.

    1. Look for Membership in AAA

Finding an automotive collision repair center with membership in AAA, as Lifehacker points out, is a good idea for a number of reasons. First off, AAA generally only admits the best of the best into their ranks. Second, the AAA sticker is a sign that you might be able to use your own membership as a means of getting a discount on parts and labor.

    1. Learn to Take Care of Minor Work Yourself

If you really want to save on repairs, writes, you need to learn to take care of the simple work for yourself. For instance, if the accident damaged your brake rotors or collapsed your wheels, those are things you can fix for yourself at home, without breaking the bank.

    1. Buy a Code Reader

It’s no secret that the less reputable repair shops out there will try and make you pay for repairs you don’t really need. That’s why Money QandA recommends you buy your own code reader. Checking your own codes before you head to the mechanic will let you know what you actually need fixed. The benefits here are near limitless.

What tips do you use to save money when working with collision repair centers? Let us know in the comment section below! Research more like this.

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