Organizations and Individuals Take Advantage of Car Shipping

Ship car across country

If you drive anywhere you’ve probably seen those multicarrier trucks hauling cars, but it might not occur to you who those cars belong to or where they’re going. So you know car shipping exists, but who uses it as a service? A variety of people and organizations need to ship a car, and here are some of them.

Part of our military services in America involve having a large fleet of vehicles to transport troops and equipment to different areas. In many cases, it is not a good use of the military’s resources to have troops drive a large number of vehicles where they need to go, so car shipping is the best option.

Car dealerships also sometimes use car shipping companies to ship vehicles. Especially if a car is new, it is not ideal to drive it in traffic and in the weather because there is always the chance of it being in an accident or suffering some type of damage. Furthermore, car dealerships have a lot of cars, and like the military, it might not be a smart use of their staff to have them driving each car individually.

Any company that has fleet vehicles might also want to take advantage of shipping a car. There is the matter of resources and funds of course, but company managers and people who have to worry about actually moving one or more vehicles probably doesn’t have time to actually do it.

Finally, individuals often need to ship a car. Vehicle shipping is a convenient, less expensive, and reliable way to get a car where you need it to go without having to drive it yourself, take the time out to do it, and pay for gas.

The rate to ship a car is most dependent on the weight and size of the vehicle and how far you need it to go. If you’re interested, there are calculators that will estimate how much your car shipping rates will be. Helpful sites:

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