Getting the Most from Your Hybrid Car Battery

Honda insight ima battery

Hybrid cars are gaining in popularity. It makes a lot of sense. They get great gas mileage. While they cost more to purchase (between 15 and 25% more), owners make that money back in fuel savings. Some hybrid cars get as much as 44 miles per gallon. There are also significant tax incentives. People who choose a hybrid car over a traditional one save up to $3,400 in taxes. The one real drawback to these vehicles is that hybrid car batteries do not last as long. Fortunately, most come with a great hybrid battery warranty.

The Honda Civic hybrid is a good example of a great car with a great hybrid battery warranty. Their warranty, like most, is an eight year/100,000 miles warranty. Many people need a hybrid battery replacement after six years so this is a good hybrid battery warranty to have. The average cost of a new hybrid battery pack is about $3,000 to $4,000. You can also look for a used Honda Civic hybrid battery, which is about half the cost of a new one. There is also the possibility to get a rebuilt hybrid battery, it costs more than a used but less than a new one.

Hybrid battery repair may be possible and can postpone the need for a replacement. Honda hybrid battery packs can also be ?conditioned.? A mechanic will remove the battery pack and test it. They then fully discharge the battery pack and charge each individual cell to get to 100%. This process is repeated until the desired effect is achieved. The process restores the battery pack to about 95% of its performance level when the battery pack was new. The process does not invalidate the hybrid battery warranty at all, it just extends the life of the battery. This socts about 30% of what a hybrid battery replacement will cost.

You can also extend the life of your hybrid battery by making small tweaks to your driving habits. The act of discharging the battery to zero and then recharging to 100% puts a lot of stress on hybrid car batteries. Mechanics suggest you keep the battery charged somewhere in the middle. Many people charge their cars at night so that they are ready for whatever they need the next day. They suggest people use timers to prevent the car from charging all the way to 100%.

The climate where you live also has an impact. Hybrid cars keep their batteries happy by controlling the temperature around the battery. This takes energy that puts stress on the battery and reduces its lifespan. By keeping your car in the shade when it is hot and in a garage when it is cold, you can extend the battery?s life and put off using your hybrid battery warranty.

You will know your hybrid battery is starting to go when you notice a drop in the gas mileage. The car will seem sluggish. If you see that start to happen, take your car into a dealer and have the battery pack checked. You want to make sure your battery needs to be replaced before you go ahead and buy a new one.

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