How OEM Parts Can Keep You Safe on the Road

Oem equipment

Cars are so essential to the everyday lives of most people that their extensive use ends up putting substantial amounts of wear and tear on the vehicles. This is especially true in areas that experience harsh weather conditions such as heavy snowfall. Not only are the repairs of the damage expensive, but they can also prove to be dangerous.

Because the average modern lifestyle is so fast-paced and hectic, people often neglect having their vehicles checked and maintained. If left unchecked, vital parts can malfunction causing accidents and injuries. There are 2,600 deaths that occur every year due to car owner’s neglect.

Mechanics and car parts specialists are well-aware of the dangers that low quality parts can cause, which is why they usually find their materials from providers they trust. One of the most common sources are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who, contrary to their name, actually resell another company’s products under their own label. On average OEM parts tend to be more expensive than those from other sources, but they are easier for the mechanics to choose, as well as often being backed by one-year warranties.

Part of what makes genuine OEM parts so easy to find is there availability across many of the different car makers. From Dodge Ram parts, to Mopar Jeep Parts, there will almost always be a re-seller with the OEM equipment you’re looking for.

According to a 2014 Aftermarket Business World Technician Attitude Study, when it comes to sourcing parts, the majority of technicians buy auto parts from retailers, followed by warehouse distributors, jobbers, and from dealerships. The least used option is buying directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Even though OEM parts are on average more expensive, their reliability is worth every penny. And as cars continue to become more complex with electrical components, sensors, and even computer systems, having precise parts are a crucial factor in maintaining safe vehicles.

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