High on Hybrids What You Need To Know

Honda civic hybrid ima

With the cost of gasoline at an all time high and continuing to rise, many frugal Americans are exploring more cost effective, and sustainable personal transportation options with better fuel economy. Enter the hybrid. Hybrid vehicles, such as the Honda Civic Hybrid or Honda Insight Hybrid, utilize the traditional gasoline power source, in addition to an electric power source in order to conserve gasoline and therefore reduce toxic emissions. On average, the typical hybrid vehicle can reduce harmful emissions to the environment by a whopping 25% to 35%. Imagine if everyone drove a hybrid? They might be soon. In fact, they’re rapidly gaining in popularity. According to Statistic Brain, an estimated 2,180,000 hybrid vehicles were purchased in the year 2012 alone. Honda, heralded for their safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency sold 209,216 of their Honda Civic Hybrid model in 2012 according to Statistic Brain.

As for cost, a hybrid vehicle can cost 15% to 20% more initially than a traditional, gasoline-only powered vehicle. However, hybrid fuel economy recoups this cost, especially if you own the vehicle for long period of time. In addition, purchasing a hybrid vehicle in the United States such as the Honda Civic Hybrid, carries many tax incentives and may save drivers up to $3,400. According to Cars Direct, some insurance companies offer discounts to hybrid drivers as research shows they are less likely to be involved in an accident which translates to more money in your pocket.

Though hybrid vehicles have become quite common-place, drivers must always keep the life of their hybrid battery in mind. First, how do hybrid batteries work? The Honda Civic Hybrid battery utilizes regenerative charging. When the brakes are used, a portion of that energy produced is transferred back to the battery. Though Honda Civic Hybrids are renowned for their reliability and low-maintenance, in time, hybrid batteries will eventually require replacement. Dealer replacement can be quite expensive. In the United States, on average a hybrid vehicle battery may cost between $3000 to $4000. Questionable battery quality in addition to sparse customer support from existing after market suppliers can make hybrid battery replacement stressful.

However, hybrid battery replacement, particularly Honda Civic Hybrid battery replacement, doesn’t have to be nerve wracking or costly. There are companies who focus on providing premium, quality hybrid batteries in addition to friendly and reliable customer support in order to ease the minds of hybrid drivers. In fact, your replacement battery may even perform more efficiently than the factory installed battery. On top of a long service warranty, hybrid battery replacement doesn’t seem so bad after all. More information like this: bumblebeebatteries.com

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