Local Chevy Dealers Branch Out With Subaru

Chevy car dealerships

Odds are your local Chevy dealers have been busy. Chevrolet has produced over two hundred million cars and trucks since 1912. That means Chevy car dealerships have put Chevrolet vehicles on the road in about two thirds of the world. So what else have your local Chevy dealers been doing to boost interest in car sales?

Well, since the Chevrolet bow tie emblem was first used in 1913, local Chevy dealers have sold cars and trucks to proud Americans. Recently, some local Chevy dealers have been branching out and now they offer a Subaru inventory in addition to the offerings of their Chevy car dealerships. While local Chevy dealers are still committed to the Chevrolet product, being Subaru dealers attracts other buyers to the car dealerships.

Subaru is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) who, in 2011, was the twenty-sixth largest automaker in production worldwide. Known for using the boxer engine layout in most of its vehicles, Subaru has become a popular brand for baby boomers. Local Chevy dealers are wise in adding the Subaru line to their inventory because they can boast selling a car that is manufactured in a plant in Lafayette, Indiana that achieved zero landfill status.

Subaru has close to a ninety-eight percent recycle rate for end of life vehicles. That appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer who may not have otherwise visited local Chevy dealers when car shopping. Thus, local Chevy dealers also being local Subaru dealers opens up new sales opportunities by offering alternative models to meet more buyers needs.

Local Chevy dealers continue to promote the longevity of Chevrolet, but the addition of the Subaru offers an alternative for some customers. The diversity in products attracts customers and promotes sales. Visit your local Chevy dealers for great options when purchasing your next vehicle.

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