How is Custom Die Cutting Services Used

Cloth fabric textile die cutting

Die cutting is the process of manufacturing large numbers of the same shape out of material. This material includes plastic, fabric, wood or metal. The shapes produced are sometimes referred to as “blanks,” since they are usually decorated or finished being produced before being sold. The process of custom die cutting services is used all over the world with a variety of materials. Many times a form of specialty die cutting involves cutting several components then assembling them together to create a product.

Sharp blades are used in die cutting whether fabric die cutting or metal die cutting is being performed. The blade is bent into the shape desired to produce the desired outcome. The material to be cut is placed onto a flat surface and supported by a hard backing. The die is pressed onto the material to cut the desired shape. This is especially useful for textile die cutting, upholstery seat fabrics, automotive textiles and auto fabric.

Thinking of a cookie cutter will help consumers picture the use of custom die cutting services. Materials used for die cutting can be up to 78 inches wide. They can be rolled or they can be separated into sheets. The die cutting machine is capable of cutting any number of blanks required for the project. Some machines produce one a cut from one single piece of material while others are capable of slicing through multiple layers.

Creating dies is not work for the weary. It is meticulous and every small detail must be adhered to. The die must efficiently cut material to provide the most blanks while wasting the smallest amount of material as possible. Majority of process which include die cutting recycle the left over material, so none of the material goes to waste, but the goal is to have as little waste as possible.

Some of the most common pieces of die cuts include items such as keys, paper shapes and flat plastic pieces you snap together. Automotive services use die cutting services for things such as interior components including door panels, car consoles and liners for beds or trunks. Gaskets are another popular automotive product that uses custom die cutting services. The downfall to die cutting is that it can only be used on flat objects.

Custom die cutting services are being used all around us every day. You might be surprised to find out exactly what items you use every day which are produced by die cutting. Specialists who customize the products know the best process for producing quality products, and die cutting is usually the best route.

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