Three Reasons You’re Protecting Yourself With Proper Car Maintenance and OEM Parts

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It’s essentially impossible for anyone not living in the center of a metropolitan area to function in the modern world without access to a vehicle. Between getting back and forth to work, shopping for groceries, and numerous other day-to-day tasks, not a day goes by that most people don’t drive somewhere.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of expenses and duties involved with maintaining a car. But continuing upkeep and making sure to use more reliable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts can be vitally important for a number of reasons. Here are a few examples why:

  1. Finances: One of the most obvious reasons behind maintaining a vehicle is to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. Allowing rust to build up on the body or ignoring the need for oil changes can lead to large parts breaking and even blowing the engine. And while purchasing genuine OEM parts verified by parts specialists can be more expensive than third-party equipment, alternatively manufactured pieces can lead to the same malfunctions down the road, especially for independent custom projects.
  2. Property damage: This one goes hand in hand with the previous example, however it’s easy to overlook the possibilities of covering property damages for other people. If something goes wrong in your car and you end up smashing through someone’s fence or tearing up their yard, odds are they will seek compensation.

    Overall, the average yearly cost of motor vehicle property damage amounts to approximately 750 million as a result of vehicle neglect. If they take legal action, the costs could even be substantially higher.
  3. Injury: There are shocking amounts of vehicle accidents that occur everyday. While some may be a result of bad weather conditions, far too many are a result of poor maintenance; even OEM parts require consistent maintenance. There are already nearly 100,000 disabling injuries every year due to vehicle neglect.

According to a recent report, Americans scored a 76 out of 100 on the National Car Maintenance Index. To receive a perfect score, all prescribed maintenance tasks must be completed to exact specifications and in a timely fashion, whether it be on schedule or even more frequent.

Who knows, maintaining OEM parts could end up saving your life. More info like this.

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