Machine Tools Need Regular Service and Maintenance

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Machine tools are machines used for shaping and machining metals and other rigid materials to produce tools and other objects. Even though machine tools are a basic component of modern industry, they have a long history. Machine tool service and repair are essential to the smooth running of any piece of machinery.

A long history of tool-making

The oldest recorded machine tools are the bow lathe and the bow drill. They were handcrafted and can be dated back to 1200 B.C. The lathe is a tool with very ancient origins and is believed to have been invented in ancient Egypt.

Lathes are used in the manufacture of all kinds of objects like musical instruments, gun barrels, candlesticks and table legs. A major technological change took place with the Industrial Revolution, when lathes were connected to power from water wheels or steam engines.

Machine tools need to be very hard and durable as they perform functions like threading, boring, turning and facing on very hard materials.

Service and maintenance are key

Regular service and maintenance can go a long way in avoiding breakdowns and repairs. Most basic maintenance can be done as a matter of routine. For example, lathes should be cleaned and wiped down regularly, and the wiper pads should also be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis. And the drive belts should be tested periodically for tension and consistency.

Quality machine repairs and parts

A machine shop service can service and repair all kinds of machines including:

  • Shears
  • Punch Presses
  • Plate Rollers
  • Spot Welders
  • Any Machine Shop Machinery
  • Saws
  • Press Brakes, Hand Brakes
  • All Types of Sheet Metal and Fabrication Equipment

Precision machine repairs take extremely skilled handling. Other services and repairs routinely needed for machinery – like welding, lathe repair, genie lift repair and summer lift repair – should be entrusted to a reliable machine shop service.

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