How to Apply Spray on Truck Bedliner

Spray bedliner

Americans love their pickup trucks. Nearly 1.6 million of them were sold in 2012. That number jumped about 8% in 2015. One concern most truck owners have is how to best protect their truck bed. It is vulnerable to the elements and to wear and tear. If you are going to have a pick up truck, you are going to haul things in it. There are a few truck bedliners that can protect that important part of the vehicle. You can get a bedliner that you drop in or you can apply a spray on bedliner and use wiretrim tape to get the exact coverage you are looking for.

Many people opt for the spray on bedliner for a few reasons. When you use a drop in, regardless of the kind, there is a space between the truck bed and the liner. This is an area that is more vulnerable to wear and tear. Water can get into the space between the liner and the truck bed and cause rust. There are a number of other issues that can come up that leave the truck bed unprotected. When spray on liner, used with wiretrim tape, is applied, the fit is exact and perfect. There is no space between the coating and the truck bed.

6 Steps to a Great Spray on Bedliner Job:

  1. Clean the truck bed. The first thing you need to do is take everything out of the truck bed and give it the best cleaning that you can. You may want to do this more than once. The cleaner you can get this, the better the spray on liner will adhere to the bed of the truck. Often people will pre-clean the area with a grease and wax remover.
  2. Mask the truck bed. After you have really cleaned the truck bed, line the truck bed with your wiretrim tape. This will give you the edge you will want without having to use a knife. Wiretrim tape allows you to be a lot more precise with the edge than when you use a knife. It is important to note that if when you first lay down the wiretrim tape, if you need to move it, you can. You need to cover anything you would like to not get covered in the spray with some other kind of plastic masking film or tape.
  3. Sand the surface of the truck bed. Sanding the surface of the truck bed will give you the right texture to create a good bond between the truck bed and the liner. Make sure you do not damage the wiretrim tape you have already put down.Damaging the wiretrim tape may give you problems when you lift it later. Hand sand around the edges and use a electric sander on the rest. Get the dust from the sanding step out with a rag and an air gun. Finish your prep by using a bonding spray.
  4. Prepare the spray on liner. Most of the time the actual material for the spray on liner comes without any pigment (color) so you have to add it. The reason it is supplied to people in this natural state is to allow truck owners to decide how much color they want for their truck bed. You will need a digital scale to weigh the pigment to get the correct amount to add to the chemical that is the spray on liner.
  5. Apply the spray on material. Use the low pressure setting on the bedliner spray gun to apply the coating. Pass over the truck bed multiple times to get the number of coats that you need. Using the rapid cure of 15 seconds along with this method of application will result in a coating that is the correct thickness. You will need a good compressed air source for this step in the process. Make sure you have a good compressed air source and that the compressor is the right size for your project.
  6. Remove the wiretrim tape. The last step, after the material is dry, is to remove the masking and the wiretrim tape. Remove the wiretrim tape first. Once the wire tape is off, it is easy to remove the rest.




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