Skedaddle the Bus-Sharing App for Travel

Wifi on a bus

Technology changes the world. I think that’s fair to say. Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have certainly changed the taxing industry and the roadways. Now, charter bus rentals might be using technology like those other ride-sharing companies to offer the same service for bus charters.

Skedaddle is a new app that enables someone to schedule a charter bus rental to go to any destination in all of North America.

Once the app is downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, you type in exactly where you and your group of friends or family want to go, and then a nearby bus can come pick you up. If there is already a bus charter on your route, you can simply just buy one seat and hop on.

“As long as we have 10 people,” Adam Nestler, CEO and co-founder of Skedaddle, said, “we will provide a shuttle bus to service that route and bring people on their way.”

Once you create a specific route for the charter bus rental to go on, you can even send invites to your family or other Skedaddle users. The app will alert users when a route has been created and when more seats need to be filled.

“We see this as the future of mass transportation outside of cities,” Nestler said.

There is no set price for each trip, which is nice. The average is about $35 and can vary depending on how long each trip is and a few other factors.

Nestler believes this bus-sharing service will even take business from the train industry in the next few years.

Technology is changing more and more industries every single day. A few years ago if you wanted to ride the bus, you would buy a ticket and wait at the bus stop.

Now, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can pretty much design a bus route yourself, select who will ride, when you will arrive and where the bus is going, and then hop on.

The future is here.

Skedaddle has had over 40,000 riders since it’s launch in January of 2015. Learn more.

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