How to Find the Right Limo Driver for Your Company

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Limousines are perhaps the safest and most executive form of business travel available. Currently, there are over 130,000 limos in service across the country. And each service company strives to offer the most reliable, convenient and affordable limousines services.

Hiring a good limousine driver is one way to improve your customer’s travel experience and create a good name for your business. You want a chauffeur that can cope with high demands of the transport industry and still deliver quality service. Someone that can serve as a brand ambassador for your limo company.

Considering how frequent congestion and traffic jam has become in most cities, sometimes limousine drivers will have to juggle through multiple pick-ups using the least time possible. Delayed flights are also an issue drivers have to deal with. Finding someone that can adjust to last minute changes and still offer excellent service is important.

Here are three essential factors to consider when sourcing for a limo driver.

Driving Record
When interviewing potential drivers, the first thing you should get to see is their driving record. This is a detailed report that indicates a driver’s license status, tickets, and DUI records. The point system helps to determine the driver’s conduct and adherence to traffic laws. Multiple points and arrests can really deny a driver an employment opportunity. This is because no insurance company would want to accept them on their policy, which is a requirement for any commercial driver. In addition, applicants must undergo a drug test to ascertain they are not driving under any influence.

Area of residence
Since transport companies operate around the clock, a client may want to charter a limo service in the middle of the night without a reservation. You will need to have a driver that resides within and can reach the client almost immediately. Hiring a limousine driver that stays too far from the office can mean a lost client.

Driving Expereince
Another important thing you need to when hiring a limo ch driver’s experience in the transport industry. You want to hire someone who already understands how the business operates and can take the least time possible to adjust and fit into your company. An experienced limo chauffeur can keep calm in times of stress and adjust quickly to last minute changes. Although experience is a vital factor when choosing a limo driver, there are special training programs that successful candidates can enroll on. These programs will equip an individual with the basic code of conduct and the proper behavior expected from a professional driver.

After looking at these three factors, the next step is to take the potential applicant on a test drive to find out areas their strengths and weaknesses and areas they need to improve on. Be careful to see how they conduct themselves on the road, how they respond to traffic lights, their interaction with other road users. An excellent limo driver should drive smoothly, defensively and have a high ability for safety.

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