Three Benefits of Non Commissioned Car Sales

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Buying a car can be confusing. You have to choose a car dealership, and you want to know the benefits of non commissioned car sales, if there are any. And what about private sales? Between dealership and private transactions, American exchange 40 million used cars a year. If you?re looking for used cars or a new car, consider the benefits of going with non commissioned car sales people :

  1. Price vs. Customer Satisfaction A commissioned sales person is at odds with you the moment you step on the lot. The two of you have diametrically opposed interests. You want to get the best car you can at the cheapest possible price. Their income is dependent on getting you to spend the greatest number of dollars they possibly can.

    But non commissioned car sales people get no higher salary just because they got you to buy at a higher price. Their interests are free to revolve around keeping you satisfied, as well as making a sale. In fact, the more satisfied you are, the more likely you are to recommend them to your friend, which increases the their bottom line.
  2. Sales vs. Listening The commissioned used vehicles dealer is not so much interested in hearing what you really need as in trying to work out a way to get you to buy what he or she wants you to spend money on. They can’t afford to listen too much because of the pressure to make a sale.

    But non commissioned car sales people find it in their best own interest to stop and listen carefully. If they can understand your position–your finances, your vehicle needs, your financing options, and even your personal preferences in a car–they can find something suitable for you to make you happy and make a sale. Instead of an us vs. them situation, the transaction with non commissioned car sales people becomes win/win.
  3. Supporting A Sustainable System vs. Perpetuating a Broken One You might never have thought of this, but buying from a commissioned car dealer means that you?re essentially perpetuating a system that stresses out sales people and buyers alike.

    What does that mean? A great car sales person can make lots of money, of course. But most are just average sales people, not great, and that means they must constantly worry about not getting paid if they don?t make enough sales. That?s a lot of motivation not only to apply pressure on buyers, but even to lie and cheat just to make sure there?s food on the table. If they don?t make a sale, commissioned sales people may have wasted a lot of time with a potential buyer for absolutely nothing.

    Patronize non commissioned car sales people, though, and you support dealerships that pay their employees fairly for the time and effort they put in even if no sale results. Let the dealers work out whether their employees are reasonably good customer service reps and pay them accordingly. You as the buyer shouldn?t have to shoulder any guilt because someone is working without guarantee of sufficient payment.
  4. The average car in America will be owned by three different people in the course of its life. As all these cars pass through all these different hands, make sure that you?re taking part in a way that benefits both you and the sales person you work with.

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