When to Fix that Crack in Your Windshield

You’re in the middle of your drive to work and something you see on your windshield jumps out at you. Your windshield, which yesterday was a smooth glass pane protecting you from the onrushing wind, now has a giant crack in it. It could be a spiderweb crack from a rock, or it could be a stress-point crack across the bottom without any rhyme or reason.

An auto glass repair service can get you back on the road quickly. If you haven’t, consider taking a glass replacement rider on your insurance coverage. A $0 deductible on glass coverage can save you from a financial world of hurt. If you don’t have glass coverage, an auto glass repair payment plan can keep you from eating the whole price at once.

You might be asking, do dealerships replace windshields? The answer is yes, but unlike many other repairs you can have done at a dealer, there is no real advantage over an independent shop.

Last, if the crack is smaller, usually no larger than a quarter, repair kits like cracks gone glass repair can get them taken care of in moments. Filling the crack with epoxy makes tiny cracks disappear entirely.

Updated 8/3/22

Your windshield screen plays a vital role in protecting your vehicle and ensuring it remains in the right state. Ensuring that the front and rear windshield screens are clean and in good condition is vital in enhancing driving visibility. As soon as you notice a crack on your windshield, it is advisable to contact windshield replacement companies to come and look at your windshield.

When seeking to replace your windshield, there are several things to consider. Check the quality of products the company is offering. Pay keen attention to the company’s location and, if possible, go for auto glass replacement near my location. Affordability is also vital in contemplating and settling for an affordable glass repair near me. Besides this, work with a reputable company with a wide array of experience of repairing and replacing windshields.

Suppose you are involved in an accident and your windshield gets damaged. In that case, you should consider the age of your vehicle and the insurance company policies before approaching windshield chip repair companies. In such a situation, ensure you provide the insurance company with all quotations from auto glass repair companies near me and the receipts of the company that has repaired it. This will be vital in hastening the compensation process.

Nearly everyone needs an auto body shop at some point in the life of their car. We put our cars through a lot: so much so that recent research found 77% of cars need maintenance or repairs!

One of the most common repairs needed on our cars is glass repair. Can you avoid these breaks? And if you’ve already gotten one, you’ll want to know how serious it is and whether you can have it repaired or will have to get the whole windshield replaced.

There are Six Different Basic Kinds of Windshield Breaks

Hard to believe, but experts at a body shop know which kind is which, and the crack pattern can determine how the glass might further break. If you’re interested, the six types are half moon, bullseye, crack, star breaks, combination break, and surface pits.

Nearly all of them can be fixed at some point: but only if the breaks are fairly small and the location is right. The body shop can tell you for certain, but it’s best not to wait. A small crack or chip easily becomes a large problem if not taken care of.

The Most Common Causes of Windshield Breaks

One of the easiest ways to get a break is to drive your vehicle over a gravel road. Airborne rocks come from cars in front of you, so stay well back from other motor vehicles if you must go down such a road.

If gravel roads don’t get you, the next most common cause of windshield cracks is construction vehicles. These big trucks often have rocks and dirt caked on them which fly off at random moments as the vehicle travels down the highway. Keep well behind these to protect your car.

Construction and Installation Matter

You probably never gave a thought to how your windshield was installed or what quality it is, but these issues matter a great deal. Some windshields are poorly manufactured, and if you’re constantly seeing chips and dents an auto body repair shop can tell you if there’s a quality issue.

Some windshields are poorly installed, which makes them more susceptible. Poorly installed windshields vibrate as the car moves, which can lead to cracks and other damage. Poor quality or badly installed windshields should probably be replaced.

Don’t Forget the Less Common Causes

Hail damage, collisions, extreme temperature or pressure changes, lots of exposure to sunlight: all these can weaken your windshield or cause damage of one kind or another. Some of these issues can be avoided by careful parking. Others are just a part of life. But if you’ve been through a collision, even if the windshield seems fine, don’t be surprised to find cracks appearing later. The same may happen if you constantly go from a warm garage to the freezing outdoors in the winter.

When to Fix and When to Replace

Small cracks and chips of six inches or less are worth trying to fix. An auto glass repair shop can tell you definitively, but if the crack is small, is not right at the edges of the car, and is not in the driver’s line of sight, repair is definitely possible. Repairs are usually quick, taking about thirty minutes or less.

Larger cracks, or damage that interferes with the driver’s ability to see, almost always need a full windshield replacement. You’ll want to go with an experienced and reputable car body shop, though, because it’s important that the windshield be of good quality and installed perfectly.

Getting a dent or crack in the windshield of your car is no one’s idea of a good time, but if you get it fixed quickly you can minimize your stress and future damage.

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