How To Properly Care For Your Diesel Truck

Diesel engines run some of the most powerful and durable machinery and vehicles on the road today, but that doesn’t mean they can’t break down or have problems. If you want your truck to last, it helps to check with diesel repair to get tips on caring for it properly. With proper maintenance, diesel engines are safe and last longer.

Diesel is the most popular fuel for trucks and heavy machinery. Using quality fuel is essential for keeping a clean engine running smoothly. You should always use high-quality fuel from a reputable source and ensure you get genuine service and parts from a reputable diesel repair shop. The best way to spend less on diesel is to care for your truck correctly. You should ensure that all filters are changed regularly according to manufacturer specifications.

If something goes wrong with your vehicle, don’t wait too long to fix it. You can easily access diesel repair shops in my area for quick and reliable diesel automotive repair. Waiting around could cause other engine parts to fail or cause more damage. Ensure you consult a diesel truck road service for unexpected repairs or maintenance needs to take care of when something happens unexpectedly.

The technology used in diesel trucks and diesel engines has advanced quite a bit in recent years as diesel trucks have transitioned from ultra-low sulfur diesel to biodiesel. There are plenty of options on the market too with as many as 50 different types of diesel engines available to consumers.

While changes such as DPF filters and common rail injection systems have helped improve the mpg in diesel trucks while cutting down on emissions, it’s still important for diesel truck owners to keep their vehicles in peak shape. In fact, up to 90% of turbocharger failures are due to dirt in the oil, high exhaust gas temperatures, inadequate oil supply, or penetration of foreign bodies in the turbine.

With that in mind, here are some tips for upkeep of diesel trucks:

  • For diesel turbochargers, it’s important to let a truck idle for a few minutes upon startup. Turbochargers play an important role in helping a diesel truck run efficiently and hitting the gas immediately upon startup is a bad idea. Leave some time for the oil to find the various crannies and nooks of the engine first.
  • Using oil additives helps turbochargers too. They help keep lubrication at high levels, which allows all of the engine’s parts to keep running as they should.
  • Whether you use biodiesel or ULSD fuel, it’s very important to use a fuel additive. Doing this keeps the fuel injectors and fuel lines performing like they should. Using one that demulsifies water is even better. Many common fuel additives try to burn water through the injection system, but it’s better to find an additive that removes water since a diesel engine has a fuel water separator for a reason.
  • An oil change is an important part of maintenance for any vehicle, but it’s vital for diesels. The engines on diesel vehicles are high heat machines and following OEM recommended oil change times is crucial to keep it functioning properly.
  • Since diesel engines are heavy-use machines, using the proper coolant is essential too. It’s important never to mix coolants and to not use water as a substitute for coolant.

Knowing what to do to properly care for your diesel truck will keep the engine performing at peak shape for longer and give you, the diesel enthusiast, a chance to worry about other things, namely powerstroke performance parts to upgrade your truck.

For diesel owners, there are also plenty of options for transfer cases. If you’ve got a 2011 Duramax transfer case for example, auto parts dealers can help you find replacement parts if you need them. If your hearing constant squealing and grinding from your 2011 Duramax transfer case, you may want to consider a replacement. A bad 2011 Duramax transfer case can damage your diesel truck’s transmission and axles, so it’s an important part that needs replacement if necessary.

For diesel truck owners, especially Cummins owners, there are many powerstroke performance parts to help you upgrade your ride. Diesel powerstroke performance parts like Cummins lift pumps and high performance injectors can take your ride to the next level.

Take the 2016-2019 5.0L Cummins Nissan Titan XD for example. Dodge diesel performance parts for this truck include a cold air intake, a scorcher HD module, a scorcher HD power package, light kits and leveling kits. Depending on what model of Dodge truck you drive, chances are good there are many powerstroke performance parts to choose from.

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