When Was the Last Time Your Major Route to Work Was Detoured?

The highways through many of the small towns in the area are dealing with an unusually high amount of traffic. In fact, ever since the flooding that occurred two weeks ago in the midwest, there have been many neighborhoods and entire cities that are cut off. As a result some streets that used to only handle local traffic are now crowded, and smaller two lane roads are filled with big semis. As a result, there are now more and more big truck mirrors, and other items like steering wheels and semi truck accessories that are in pretty high demand. Unable to get to the larger truck stops that used to be so conveniently located on major interstates, these trucks have to find different places to get fuel, as well as different places to get the big truck mirrors and other needed accessories.

Finding a New Route During a Major Flooding Event Has Lots of Consequences

When you first time find out that you have to reroute because of a natural disaster like a flood or a road construction you may only think about the amount of time it will cost you or the number of miles it will add to the trip. The reality, however, is that there are many other changes that occur as well.

From local gas stations being far more busy than normal to roads in town having to deal with long lines of traffic, there are many things that happen when a major route is redirected. And while there are many well supplied truck stops that are full of equipment that cannot be sold because the traffic has been detoured, there are also many smaller gas stations that will find it difficult to handle all of the new traffic.

Some of the gas stations and restaurants on the new route, especially if it is supposed to last for several months, may even find that they need to hire new staff members and extend the hours that they are open. Although these detours can help bring business to new places, many of these businesses have to be able to meet the demands of all the new customers.

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