How to Select the Right Auto Body Shop

Did you know that around 77% of cars require repair or maintenance work these days? While the demand for repair is high, that doesn’t mean you should be sending your vehicle to just about any auto body shop you find.

Quality of repair and costs vary dramatically from one body shop to the next. One business may give you a $2,000 estimate, while another gives you a $500 assessment. While pricing is a key aspect in deciding which auto body repair services companies to use, there are other considerations.

If you can find the appropriate one close to you, you’ll save thousands of dollars on future repairs and save yourself a lot of hassles.

Here are some valuable and important pointers to consider while finding an auto repair shop that’s perfect for you:

Evaluate the Shop’s Location and Facilities

The cost of labor per hour is heavily influenced by the location. A business in a posh area, for example, can charge up to $90 per hour. Those in a competitive region, on the other hand, may charge you only $60 for identical vehicle body repair services.

Pricing of individual automotive parts differs slightly between shops, but the cost for labor hours is what you should be aware of. Most automobile owners wind up spending too many labor hours.

Take into account the shop’s front as well as the receiving area. Those with a large reception area and a large number of front-office employees normally demand higher fees. These extra expenditures go toward paying front-desk employees, foremen, and supervisors.

Don’t Lock Yourself In on a Single Quote Only

Requesting repair estimates from many body shops is the greatest approach to prevent paying more than the minimum car body repair services. You may also use the lowest estimate as a bargaining tactic.

Let’s assume you choose a specific auto body shop to handle your vehicle’s repairs, but their cost is too expensive. You may offer them reduced pricing quotations from several stores and try to negotiate a better deal.

On the other side, be skeptical of stores that advertise services at a low cost. They may be charging a low rate for their labor, but it comes at the cost of omitting some necessary tasks.

Check What Others are Saying

To increase their revenue, every auto body shop can utilize banner advertisements, slogans, and other marketing strategies. However, don’t depend solely on these factors while deciding on a decent store. You should also think about consumer evaluations and suggestions from relatives and friends.

Word of mouth is potent. A car body shop may not advertise but can be well-known in the area for its car body repair services. So start asking around. Your neighbors or coworkers may be able to suggest a store they’ve used for years.

You may also look up reviews of a store on the internet. Whether a store has a website or only a social media presence, both happy and unhappy consumers are likely to submit a review.

Don’t Just Blindly Nod – Learn to Ask Questions

Take advantage of the chance to ask crucial questions when collecting service quotations from your list of possible auto body shops. Here are some of the inquiries you should make:

  • What kind of guarantee does your store provide? Is there a difference in price based on the sort of repair I have done on my car?
  • What limitations apply to these warranties?
  • Do you have any insurance against theft and fire?
  • Will you utilize new or aftermarket components, and what materials will you use?

Repairing an automobile does not always necessitate the purchase of new parts. At a fraction of the price, aftermarket components can operate just as well as OEM ones.

Trust Your Intuition

When it comes to selecting an auto body shop, your gut instinct is crucial. If the business makes you feel uneasy, take a second to look around as soon as you enter. You can always locate another one if the business appears well-organized, but the boss and workers are cranky and untrustworthy.

Protect Yourself From Disappointments

Simply use these guidelines when selecting a local auto body shop. Chicago and most major cities have plenty of shops to choose from, so it’s essential that you pick one right for you and your vehicle.

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