Little-Known Facts About Armored Cars

In the United States, the armored transportation service industry comprises companies, which deliver and pick up valuable products in armored vehicles. Over the years, the sector has experienced tremendous growth in line with the economy. In 2018 alone, the industry grew by approximately 1%, recording annual revenue of $3 billion. Additionally, statistics show that there were almost 100,000 bulletproof and armored cars on the road globally as of 2018. Here’s what you should really know about armored vehicles.

1. The Requirements of Armored Vehicles to Hit the Market

An average person uses cars for transportation needs. However, others require vehicles for protection and security. In this regard, armored cars are a new trend hitting the transportation segment. Individuals such as celebrities, political officials, and government agents use bulletproof vehicles to guarantee their safety. Usually, these vehicles are manufactured to withstand bombs, bullets, and other forms of violent attacks.

Before launching into the market, an armored car should meet certain requirements. First, it should be durable with the protection abilities from attack. Additionally, armored cars should be discreet. This fact mentions that they should blend with other vehicles on the road to minimize awareness of being armored. Having considered these primary factors, the latest armored cars introduced in the market include Volkswagen Phaeton, armored mercedes, Audi A8 L Security and the armored bmw, particularly the BMW 760Li High Security.

2. Armored Vehicles: Facts and Why People Need Protection

For the past eight decades, the industry for cars has changed significantly. From horseless carriages to vehicles that can move with high speeds, automobiles have shifted appropriately meeting the needs of each person. Actually, Leonardo da Vinci came up with the first idea of the armored car in an 1845 sketch.

Information regarding armored and bulletproof vehicles is vast. Fascinating data provided by different sources include the fact that over 85% of armored cars produced by topnotch companies still operate on the roads today. Moreover, individuals likely to purchase a 4 door armored car include governments and wealthy business owners. In this regard, the armored vehicle sector has expanded, explaining its achievement. With this, only two famous electric vehicles have been armored. They include the Tesla Model S and Chevy Volt.

3. What to Look for When Purchasing Used Armored Vehicles

If you decide to buy used bulletproof cars, there are multiple things that you should consider. The most important elements to look into before the purchase of the vehicles include the history report, a physical inspection of the vehicle, and dealership.

Moreover, it is pertinent to evaluate the make and model of the vehicle. Additionally, you should ensure to prioritize the features that are most essential to you before purchase. You can also request a road test drive. Additionally, you can tag along your mechanic or an expert for professional advice. It is also recommendable to be flexible when looking for used armored cars. This means that you should be open to at least three models, which meet your requirements. For instance, if you decide to buy a used 4 door armored car, you should analyze different models for you to find a suitable affordable car.

4. How to Assemble a Door for the 4 Door Armored Vehicle

A 4 door armored car is best known for the providence of security during travel. In this case, it is important to understand the door assembly procedure for the 4 door armored car. Before manufacturing the machine, gathering the necessary parts and tools is important. As such, the required items include a door frame, a door with inner and outer skin panels, hinges and door armor panels.

Having gathered the items, installing doors on a 4 door armor car begins by mounting the upper and lower hinges to edge of the doors. While doing this, you should ensure that the door edge is connected to the armor panel. Using a bolt, the connection between the upper hinges and flange on the armor panel is made completing the procedure.

5. 3 Benefits of Possessing Bulletproof Cars

A bulletproof vehicle can withstand most dangers of our modern world. Moreover, armored cars are important to clients because they offer additional safety assurance. Additionally, they enhance individuals’ social status given that these high-class vehicles minimize the loss of life.

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