My Car Needs Better Tires How To Choose The Best Tire Type For Your Winter Vacation

You’re ready to head out to your long-awaited vacation. You’ve signed on some free time, you’ve double-checked your budget, and it’s finally time to enjoy the cold weather with family. There’s just one thing…

…your winter tires aren’t installed! Even worse, it’s been a while since you’ve had your vehicle checked at all. Should you head out onto the open road hoping for the best? When it comes to dangerous and icy roads, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Your local tire shop will provide you with the resources needed to turn your car into a lean, mean, snow-eating machine.

Off-road tires, tire repair, tire alignment checks: they’re all in a day’s work for stores that sell tires. Here’s a simple breakdown of what vehicle maintenance entails!

Taking good care of your car is paramount to keeping yourself — and others — safe on the open road. Vehicle negligence, as it stands, is an extremely expensive issue that costs the country billions in damages. From easily avoidable crashes to insurance claims, this is a slippery slope both literal and metaphorical. Keep yourself in the clear by visiting your tire shop at least once per year. This will make sure all your bases are covered in time for the most extreme season.

First things first: do you need to rotate your tires? Tire rotation is how you put an equal amount of stress on each tire, extending their longevity and reducing the chance for a flat tire. The two basic types of tire imbalance that need correction are the static (single plane) and the dynamic (dual plane). It’s recommended you get your tires rotated every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. If that’s a little too much math, try doing them after every oil change. This means a trip to the tire store, but it’ll save you a lot of frustration down the road.

It’s not just tire rotations you need to do, but tire alignment checks. Having your tires aligned and balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles will improve their performance overall — this means sharper turns and faster brakes. When the streets are covered in layers of black ice and slush, every little bit counts! Cheap tires are bountiful in the autumn season, all in the hopes of snagging proactive buyers. Save yourself a little money and take a trip to your tire shop early…it’ll be worth it!

Which off-road tire best suits you? This depends on your lifestyle. If you’re someone who regularly goes hiking or camping, you’ll want to look into mud-terrain or sand tires. If you’re more of a homebody that travels once in a while, all-terrain is a well-rounded choice. An off-road tire that measures 33 inches or larger makes rock crawling much easier to do — this works by giving your car additional ‘clearance’ to navigate. Off-road wheels are not unlike a sturdy pair of snow shoes for your vehicle.

You’ve done the work reviewing your vehicle for its last oil change. You’ve double-checked your budget for a possible tire rotation check. Now it’s time to swing by your Colorado Springs Co tire shop and ask for a little help. They’ll give your wheels a check, recommend a smart off-road tire, and make sure you have a spare for the road. Many insurance companies today offer a small discount for getting your winter tires in early, as well.

Save some money. Save some time. Give your car the tools it needs to navigate this upcoming winter properly.

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