Planning a Summer Road Trip? Don’t Forget to Inspect Your Tires

‘Tis the season for road trips! When the warm weather arrives and school is done for the summer, a lot of people choose to hop in their vehicles and take adventure-filled road trips. Road trips can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a disaster if you don’t prepare properly. Car care services are crucial to get done before any road trip. So to avoid ruining your road trip, consider some of these tips and truck repair advice to ensure your car is road-ready.

Get your tires rotated: If you’ve logged more than 5,000 miles on your vehicle, it’s time to rotate those tires. Tires can wear at different speeds depending on a variety of factors. Type of road, driving habits, and how often you work on your car can all impact how often you need to rotate your tires. But if you’re getting close to that time, it’s important to head to an auto repair shop to get those tires rotated.

Evaluate the tire tread: The key to ensuring safe travels is making sure your tires have solid contact with the road. Tire tread should measure at least 4/32″ to be ready for the road. Any less than that, your tires may need to be replaced soon. WIthout enough tread, tires can begin to slip and slide on the road and can be dangerous to drive with. So always make sure your tires ready to go, or replace them if they’re not.

Check the tire pressure: Driving with tires with unacceptable tire pressure is not only dangerous, but it can impact the vehicle as well. Low-pressure tires can cause tire damage and impact the vehicle’s fuel economy and how well it drives. If left long enough, it can lead to the need for serious car or truck repair. So to avoid all of this, make sure your tire pressure is up to the manufacturer recommended level. And don’t forget to check the spare too!

Each year, more than $60 billion worth of vehicle maintenance tasks are left undone. Make sure you’re not the type of person who puts off maintenance tasks and important car or truck repair. To ensure you have a safe and fun road trip this summer, always make sure your vehicle is in great condition before heading off.

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