Are Your Car’s Batteries Up To Snuff? It’s Time To Quit Stalling And Get A Check-Up

As the season changes…so do you. Our lives remain a dynamic conversation between us and the environment.

An outfit change when you peer outside your window and see the clouds on the horizon. Looking for discounted winter tires when the roads are too hazardous from last night’s rain. We’re always listening to what Mother Nature has to say and responding accordingly. Instead of waiting for her to answer, consider taking the initiative on the state of your car. It pays to be proactive, what with the road filled with a hundred different hazards at the best of times, and you can free up your schedule for the rest of the summer.

Let’s take a look at what a quick car repair session can do for your peace-of-mind.

Brakes And Hoses

Your first line of defense when someone crosses the street unexpectedly? A working pair of brakes. If these don’t seem up to snuff it’s down to the responsible car owner to take action and get them fixed. Faulty brakes come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re just a touch slow to react, which can affect your ability to get out of a situation safely. Other times they work fine…but keep making strange noises. Don’t take the chance: get your brakes checked once to twice per year to keep everyone safe.

Air Conditioning

Here’s an element everyone can appreciate…good, old-fashioned air conditioning. With the sweltering summer already here and making everyone sweat buckets, your car’s air conditioning needs to be strong enough to work, but efficient enough not to use up all your money. You know your air conditioning needs a check-up when it’s emitting unpleasant smells, taking forever to cool off your car or kicking up dust. Would you rather slog through your summer and save a little money now…or save a lot of money later by replacing your faulty system?


Your battery is the heart of your car. These need to work securely year-round to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. One study found 50% of premature car battery failures to be caused by loss of water. This can be influenced by a consistent lack of maintenance, evaporation from high underhood heat or constant overcharging. Should you have any worries about your batteries a trained professional can check your model out and get you back up to speed again. Nothing ruins your day like a car suddenly stalling in traffic on your way back home.

Tire Rotation

Good tires require a few different ingredients. It’s not just about finding the best manufacturer. It’s also about keeping your tires working as long as possible through smart habits. Tire rotation is done to make sure equal stress is being put on all of your tires. They should be done every 7,500 miles or so. It’s also important to check with your manufacturer, as they might have some extra tips to ensure you’re not spending too much money too soon. A study provided by Indiana University also found nearly 2% of all auto accidents are caused by under-inflated tires.

Visiting Your Car Repair Shop

You want to enjoy your summer. You have camping trips planned, road trips around the corner and endless days of kicking up your feet and relaxing. Make sure your car is enjoying the season by fitting it with the best batteries or giving it an oil change. Recent studies have found mechanical failures to be a factor in a whopping 12% of all auto accidents. When you add faulty batteries and under-inflated tires to the mix? It’s just as much about car safety as it is about saving you money throughout the year.

Take advantage of some Goodyear tire sales this month. See how you can’t bring out your best summer through a little initiative.

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