Pull In, Park and Suds it Up! Wash Away the Dirt in a Drive Through Car Wash

Life can be fast-paced. There is little time to get from point A to point B and have time to relax in between. How are you supposed to take care of your family, home and get your car washed without spending more time than you have? You can make at least one task easier by taking your car to a drive through car wash.

Within the past 15 years, there’s been a 69% increase of vehicle owners taking their auto to a car wash facility rather than washing their car by hand. The drive through car wash appeared in the 1930’s. It was quite similar to how automatic car washes work today. Back then, a conveyor belt approach moved a vehicle along to be washed by cleaning bristles rotating, water spraying nozzles as well as wiping pads. The older automatic car washes were complained about with customers saying that they were way too touch on the exterior paint of a vehicle. Thank goodness the drive through car wash has gone through some revolutionary and positive changes thanks to technology.

Today’s Car Wash Offers Safe and Thorough Car Cleaning

Today, when it comes to car cleaning technology has paved the way for a safer drive through car wash. Long gone are the days you need to worry about destruction and damage to your auto. Instead, there are actually many benefits including a touchless car wash that ensures your car is fully protected. This includes using car shampoo free of acids known to damage a clear coat.

The Advantages of Using a Drive Through Car Wash

There are actually many advantages of using a drive through car wash that benefit both car owners and the environment. You can actually save water using a drive through car wash than if you tried to wash it at home. Environmental benefits of using an automatic car wash include less waste, lower water consumption, water is recycled and more environmentally friendly products are used. When you wash your car by hand at home, more water is used which can also increase your utility bill. It’s more economical to just take your car through car wash locations you can find near you.

Reap the Personal Benefits of Using Drive Through Car Washes

The personal advantages for using an automatic car wash are quite attractive. First, you can count on your car being washed very well with a thorough yet gentle cleaning process. Everyone wants to save time and money and using an automatic car wash does just that. There is less wear and tear on your vehicle too.

Small Businesses and Companies Benefit from Automatic Car Washes

Being a small business owner can be tough. You are constantly looking for ways to save and make money. Make sure your company vehicles are always clean using an automatic car wash that ensures you are always making a great impression. When you use vehicle wraps that advertise your business this is especially true. Keeping those wraps clean and easy to read means more people are aware of your business. Using an automatic car wash helps keep your line of vehicles sparkling clean without breaking the bank.

Automatic Car Washes Save Time and Money

An automatic car wash may seem like it’s more costly than hand-washing a vehicle, but nothing could be further from the truth. Automated car washes offer very affordable pricing. When it comes to time compare how long it takes to hand-wash a vehicle verses just using a drive through car wash. Within minutes a safe and powerful cleaning system can get your auto clean in minutes compared to spending hours washing by hand. An automatic method for car cleaning is safe, affordable and helps you save valuable time.

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