When to Get New Tires or Rims

The owner of any car or truck is responsible for all repair, maintenance, and upkeep needs, and the owner can find local auto shops such as tire shops to help with this. A car’s tires and rims, while often taken for granted, merit some attention, too. A car that is driving around on fresh new tires may be safe and comfortable to operate on the road, and new tires, even relatively cheap tires, can do a lot of good. By contrast, old and worn out tires (cheap tires or not) can be sloppy to drive on, or even dangerous. So, a car’s owner may want to track when they get tires fitted onto their car, and know when to look for expensive or cheap tires at local tire shops. And don’t forget car rims either, which may need some cleaning or repair from time to time. What are some fresh tires capable of?

All About Tires

A car will always have a full set of tour tires on its rims, and even cheap tires may do some good if they are freshly installed on the car. Of course, at a tire shop a car owner may choose from among many different models of tires, from cheap tires to high-end tires for optimal performance. Some tires are designed with different driving conditions in mind, and this is something for a tire customer to bear mind mind.

Driving around on old tires is a real problem, however, and both expensive and cheap tires will eventually wear out. What might go wrong? For one thing, old tires will slowly but constantly deflate, even if they are pumped back up with air. A car with partially deflated, soft tires has poor traction and grip, and its fuel efficiency is harmed. These cars may drive somewhat erratically and may get sloppy. In fact, a substantial number of auto accidents are due to an involved car having partially deflated tires on it. What is more, old tires have their grip worn out, and this can make a car dangerously slippery (especially in conditions of ice, snow, or rain). Finally, old tires are worn out and are more likely to get punctured if they run over something hard and sharp such as rocks, shards of glass, a tree branch, or a piece of scrap metal. A tire might even explode, and the driver will certainly have the pull over and fit on a spare. If they can’t, they should call a tow truck and get their car delivered to a tire shop right away.

Where to buy tires, and what to look for? A car’s owner should keep a log of all maintenance and repair of their car, from wiper fluid refills to oil filter changes to new tires. A car owner may have a local shop that they frequent, or they may find one during a trip with an online search. A car owner may ask the staff for good tires in their price range that fit their needs, whether for the road of special conditions. Some tires are designed so that they have a secure and strong grip during winter conditions, and this can make all the difference if the area often gets snow or ice during cold weather. A car’s owner may even plan some off-road expeditions, and that certainly calls for tires designed for the job. “Regular” tires are meant for driving on pavement, and those may not perform well off-road.

Car Rims

Don’t forget about the rims, the metal supports that go over the wheel and hold the tires in place. Many car rims and their hubcaps are made of aluminum, which may get dirt, dents, or scratches during driving. Dented rims or hubcaps can be taken to the shop, where staff can remove them and pound the dents right out. Basic cleaning can remove dirt and mud and other grime, but steel wool should not be used, since it may scratch up the soft aluminum’s surface. Meanwhile, car enthusiasts may remove a car’s rims and fit on new ones, which may be more stylish or designed for street racing. Rims can be painted or refinished for good looks, and some car owners may also fit on neon lights.

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