Using a Car Breathalyzer After a Court Case

UPDATED 1/7/21

Out of the 234,202,000 licensed US drivers on the road today, a tiny percent will cause accidents. Of those accidents, each year 17,000 fatal accidents occur. More than one third, or 39 percent, of those fatal accidents drunk drivers caused.

These accidents often result in jail time for the at-fault driver and/or alcohol rehab. Upon release, they may receive their driver’s license back conditionally, but only by agreeing to use an in-vehicle breathalyzer. This device requires the driver to submit a breathalyzer to start the vehicle and regularly blow into its measurement device to operate the vehicle.

Consulting with an attorney at the case’s outset can help the at-fault driver obtain a lesser sentence or negotiate for parole from a sentence by agreeing to a breathalyzer in the vehicle. The attorney can provide alcohol advice such as how to voluntarily have the breathalyzer installed.

Your attorney can help you find a therapist to help you address alcohol abuse problems. The therapist and rehab center can help you tackle problems like alcohol addiction vs alcoholism which means physical addiction versus the overall disease. Read on to learn alcohol abuse resources that can help you get your life together.

Today in the United States, countless millions of people own a motor vehicle such as a car, pickup truck, or motorcycle, and a majority of the American population owns a valid driver’s license. That translates to an incredible number of cars and trucks on the roads every day, and fortunately, most drivers are quite responsible about how they drive. But the bad news that there will always be some irresponsible drivers too, and many of them are driving drunk. Being drunk behind the wheel is very dangerous for both the driver and everyone around them, and they are likely to cause or get into a collision or similar road incident. For this reason, driving drunk is strictly illegal, and someone charged with a DUI may face a court date soon. The accused still has options, though, and a car breathalyzer’s installation may follow their court date. Interlock devices are often a compromise that prevent a driver from driving drunk again, and often, they are discreet breathalyzers for the user’s benefit. What is there to know about discreet breathalyzers and drunk driving criminal cases?

Drinking and the Road

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Drunk driving is a serious crime, and for good reason. A drunk person has impaired coordination, judgment, and reflexes, and if they start driving a car or a motorcycle, then they are going to drive in a sloppy and erratic manner. This makes them likely to swerve and change lanes, run red lights or stop signs, and worst of all, strike other vehicles, pedestrians, or property. A drunk driver may be too late to react to oncoming traffic, and this can sometimes cause fatalities. And even if there is no collision, driving drunk in itself is a major offense, and a drunk driver will face DUI charges for it. A police officer may spot a drunk driver based on their sloppy and erratic driving, and pursue them and pull them over.

By law, drunk driving is when a motor vehicle’s operator has a BAC, or blood alcohol content, at 0.08% or higher, and some states have a lower threshold than that. Meanwhile, some drivers think that they can safely drive “buzzed,” but this is not at all true. Alcohol and the road do not mix at all, and someone who goes out to drink is urged to arrange other transportation. Otherwise, they may end up with DUI charges, and that may call for some criminal defense law during the court case. What can a lawyer do to help once a person faces DUI charges?

DUI and the Law

Nothing can be guaranteed here, but someone who faces DUI charges might be able to navigate court and get a desirable outcome, such as having an ignition interlock device and a discreet breathalyzer installed in their car rather than face jail time. Someone who faces DUI charges may look up local criminal defense law firms in their area, and better yet, some of these law firms may specialize in drunk driving cases in particular since this is so common. A client may consult the lawyers working at a local firm (this may or may not incur a fee), and hire one whose skills and experience are to their liking.

What comes next? Every court case will be different, but the defendant might have better odds if they did not harm any people or property during their drunk driving incident, and having a clean or minimal criminal record may help, too. The defendant’s lawyer, meanwhile, may negotiate to have some charges dropped or have them changed to lesser ones. The end result may involve trading jail time or huge fines in exchange for having a discreet breathalyzer and ignition interlock device installed in the convict’s car.

This can serve as a compromise, and the convict may maintain their mobility while being unable to drive drunk again. Before the car can be turned on, the driver must submit a clean breath sample into the breathalyzer, and this will allow the car to be turned on. During driving, the device may alert the driver that they must soon pull over and submit another clean breath sample. A discreet breathalyzer will have a fake soft drink cup around it to disguise its true nature from passing people.

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